WP8: Combining Multiple E-Mail Accounts

Some people have many different e-mail account to manage -- for work or for personal use. And its really difficult to manage all these accounts one by one. You lose a lot of time and you get tired of going through all those inboxes.

Luckily, in Windows Phones, there's an option that gives you less pain for checking new emails and manage different accounts efficiently. You can group or link different accounts into one to quickly view and send emails. This is indeed a helpful option for those who use e-mails very often and have different accounts.

You already got the idea how it works. Simply, instead of going to different accounts, Windows Phone creates one universal account for the specific accounts you selected so that you only need to go into that place to see all your emails from those different accounts. This cleans some space on your menu as well as home screen.

Now, let's see how we combine different email accounts. I have two email accounts as you can see from the screenshot given beside. Let's see how we combine these two accounts into one so that I can easily manage them.

Linking Inboxes

  1. Open one of the email accounts which you want to combine. Click the options (...) button to pop up the extra options menu and select link inboxes.
  2. Below the other inboxes section, you'll see the list of other accounts you added to your phone. Click the one you need to combine with the selected inbox.

  3. The selected inbox will be merged into the current inbox. To rename the group, tap on the rename linked inbox option and type in a new name. Press the tick button to save the name.
  4. Now, you'll see one combined inbox for the selected email accounts. As usual, you can pin this onto your home screen for quick access.

Unlinking Inboxes

  1. Open the group of inboxes you linked. Click the options (...) button and select linked inboxes.
  2. Tap on the inbox(es) you want to unlink from the group. A prompt would pop out. Tap unlink button to unlink the inbox from the group.

That was easy, wasn't it? Even though its a really useful tool, I strongly believe that the option need more improvements like custom tiles to indicate the type of email group. Keep in touch to get more useful tutorials and to enhance your Windows Phone experience.