Windows 8.1 RTM ISOs leaked (again!)

This is not a surprising news for the community. Windows 8 RTM copies were leaked months before the public availability. Well, now, the same has happened again for Windows 8.1 RTM copies which were headed to manufacturers a few days ago. And yes, the Robin Hood is the same guy -- the infamous Russian leaker WZOR.

WZOR has already uploaded all the possible RTM versions of Windows 8.1 codenamed Blue of build 9600. The available ISOs are all untouched and versions include Core, Pro and Enterprise versions of Blue. All the ISOs (x86 and x64 versions) have been uploaded to popular downloading sites as well as across torrent networks and are available for download at your command.

WZ Leak List

However, there is also dismay for current users. The existing KMS activation methods seem to not work with Windows 8.1 and you might have to wait till new keys are uploaded to servers. Yet again, there's no news of a working offline loader/activator for Windows 8.1 and pirates need to resort with the traditional activation tricks which seems to work in Windows 8.1 too. Oh yes, I did forgot to mention that the existing activation backup of Windows 8 cannot activate Windows 8.1 copies. Yes, that includes the data.dat. For now, your current data.dat is useless it seems (so much for my backup!) and we might have to wait till someone figures out how to use the same for Windows 8.1.
Advice to tinkerers - Best to wait for another week within which we can expect more Windows 8.1 tools as well as activation methods and more general keys.
Of course I'm trying to get one of these copies as I'm impatient to write down a final verdict. Though I loved Windows 8, it never favoured me as much as Windows 7 did. But who knows what's the case with Windows 8.1? One thing for sure -- its not the Start button I'm after and besides, who wants that creepy white Start button? Aah, I miss the splashy Windows 7 start button.

For more details about the available Windows 8.1 RTM ISOs and links, check out this thread at MDL. Obviously, I won't post any keys or activation tricks here as AFAIK, there aren't many keys and you may need to wait till next week to get newer keys, KMS servers and of course, an updated activation backup tool. According to the present, Advanced Tokens Manager hasn't yet been updated to support Windows 8.1 backups.

For geeks, you can check out MDL Windows 8 threads or 7pmtech for the latest news and downloads. This article will be updated as soon as I find something that's catchy. ;)