Official: I made the #switch to Lumia 920

This was intended to be published a few months back but I failed to do so due to my heavy schedule and I almost forgot that I finished writing down this post.

I totally forgot to update this on my blog as the excitement made me forget of the real world and drove me into somewhere else. Yes, its official and I recently made the #switch to Lumia 920 - -so to say. Yaay!

I know -- I should've updated it on my blog even though I did it on my Facebook account, the site's Facebook page, the Twitter page and each and everywhere else except in my most precious little blog. I'm so sorry blog, but I just got super-excited.

Anyways, that's it. I'm a proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 920. And most of you close to me know that it was my dream to get a Nokia Lumia and that too, the frontier device. Well, thanks to Dad, my dream came true. Just upset that he had to give up his SGS3 just to get me this phone and he switched to a Lumia 620 instead. Well, I'm not going to use it for a long time and sometime in between, I'll switch to the Lumia 620 and hand-over the 920 to my Dad unless he buys a better one before we switch hands. Anyways, love you Dad. :)

Okay, I know that some of you are sharpening your ears to hear my views on the device. In the most simplest words -- "It's friggin' awesome!!". It wasn't like that in the beginning. I was really suspicious at first that whether this phone was faulty or whether its having some complaints because when I started taking pics, I took a 100 ones in about 1 hour and I couldn't fix my mind on one picture. Most of them were looking great while some weren't. I know its lame. But c'mon, I just started! Anyways, after a few days, I got satisfied that I'm carrying a worthy device and that too, the best in the world and I was so happy.

Soon, the phone got an update and with it came some camera improvements. The only drawback though is that when you are running some games like Temple Run, the phone heats up and that too, at the top part. If you are for more than an hour, it can get hot as a frying pan. Lol! But I think its related with the apps and its not a fault of the device. I can play most of the games without heating up the phone. Moreover, I think these apps were ported. Because some of them are laggy and some are uber-smooth. Angry Birds was at first pretty laggy unlike other versions but after it got a fresh new update, it was smooth as silk. So, its an app-problem.

Battery lasts good enough. I can hear hours of music without eating up the battery and make calls on the go. If its without gaming and internet, by the time I reach home at even, the battery would still be above 80%. With games, it depends. As I said, apps like Temple Run do consume lot of battery and gives heat like hell. With mobile network, some apps show the same behaviors while others work seamlessly. I've noted these before but now, it seems the problems are getting solved after new updates.

Well, I'm not going to give you anymore as I'm making a separate review of the Nokia Lumia 920. But believe me -- Its the best phone one could desire -- provided you can bear the first hours of difficulty with Windows Phone. It really made my life simpler and I kinda feel like I'm actually using a 'smartphone' instead of carrying a mobile phone.

And here's kudos to Nokia for making a super phone and for giving me the chance to own one. My trust in you guys didn't fail after all. You guys can still do it.

So, stay tuned folks as there are more updates, reviews and goodies coming real soon to Sabernova. #switch
Apologies to readers who felt I crossed the line abusing. Well, for a moment, I felt like a fanboy. I still love the competitors, especially Android as there are potentials but for now, I'm with the best who I believe to be. Doesn't mean I will always be a Nokia or Microsoft fan. For now, this is the deal. Won't talk future now. Let it come and I'll tell ya then. ;)