The story so far...

Sabernova is a freelance tech and personal blog edited by Sangeeth Sudheer, who is currently a XI student studying in Indira Gandhi Public School, Kannur in Kerala. Sabernova was formerly known as Universalia and on 2011, Universalia transformed to Sabernova with it's own domain name which was from the beginning based on blogger. As a tech site, the former Sabernova had some more authors but later, since everyone was inactive, Sangeeth re-built the locally famous site to the current Sabernova by adding a simple and elegant theme and making it a tech and his personal blog.


Sangeeth Sudheer

Hi to all. I am Sangeeth Sudheer, as mentioned above, the owner and the editor of Sabernova. I am currently, a Class XI student attending Indira Gandhi Public School which is one among the famous CBSE schools of our district, Kannur, Kerala. I love computers and they are my primary motivation and inspiration. These wonderful machines fascinated me and drove me into the tech world. Since then, my life became that of a Geek's. I always loved to learn more and more about computers and wanted to learn each and every single byte in the history of computers. Currently, I'm an intermediate geek in the tech arena with a higher skill in the Windows category, both for PCs and mobiles. I'm also a budding developer and have learned C, C++, HTML and a bunch more programming and coding stuff and am still learning it now. Pardon me, but I'm not self-judging me but this is my first time writing an About Me section that too, the 'Me' being me. :)

Hobbies include computers, computers and computers. I'm not joking but I'm so addicted to these wonder machines of mine. And I love spending time studying them and messing around them. This obviously led me to be a fat kid (well, that happens) but still, a geek unlike any other. But personally, I love Windows. Not only since I am very fond of Bill Gates and being a great fan of him and considering him as my inspiration, but I love the way it looks and responds and has been my companion since my little times. I use others too but I've a special love towards it and it's always my top priority. In other words, I'm a Microsoft and Windows fan. Other than computers, I love Maths, Physics and sometimes, even Chemistry. Well, apart being a tech geek, I'm a study geek too but not that much. Not only that, I always love to help you out in any case related to computers and tech and you can bet on that.

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