6tag has landed for Windows Phones

A major problem that existed within the Windows Phone platform has now been solved thanks to the infamous Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn. After a lot of beta tests and weeks of coding, 6tag, the 100% Instagram API compliant Windows Phone client is now live on Windows Phone store for download.

This is the first ever Instagram app for Windows Phones to include video uploading. Moreover, the app is built with all the essential Instagram features.

I've had a quick take at the app and I'm deeply astonished at the beauty of it. The app is simply amazing. Its robust, smooth and fluid comparing with the existing Instagram client apps. Moreover, the experience was far more promising than the official Instagram app for Android. Clearly, it is the best ever Instagram app in the whole world and it beats the juice out of the rest of the clients.

Initial experiences are worth it. The app is built just like 6Sec. However, the app still needs a few improvements and fixes. For me, the live tiles and notifications are not working at the moment. I've tried a lot and double checked whether the app wasn't blocked but still, no live tiles and notifications. I have the same problem with 6Sec. I guess Rudy will soon publish an update to solve these issues.

In the end, this solved the 'Instagram' rush on Windows Phones. Right now, there isn't any need of an official Instagram app as Rudy tailored the perfect one and as he will continue his support for the app. So, what are you waiting for? Get 6tag for free from the Windows Phone store here. Note that you can only upload one video in the free version. In-app purchases are available to remove ads and to remove trial on video uploads.