Did the Amber Update just nixed Google Search?

Lumia Amber is finally starting to roll out beginning with the Nokia Lumia 920. Right now, almost all 920's are receiving the Amber update. Amidst all the new cool features that came along with the GDR2 update, it seems that Amber has nixed Google for the default search provider option in IE.

No, Microsoft hasn't considered removing Google out of the platform, not yet. Google has ditched and declined Microsoft many times over the past months for providing access to its glorious collection of web apps and software. Right now, Google fired up Microsoft by resisting to give permission for the YouTube app raising statements that the app wasn't built purely on HTML5. The funny thing though is that iOS and Android apps for YouTube are still not built entirely on HTML5. Clearly, its a personal grudge against Microsoft.

Well, leave that story be. As I said, Microsoft didn't ditch Google for not providing services. This seems to be a bug in the Lumia Amber update and the problem is present only with some regional updates including ones in India. Why its a bug and not the real thing? Because, the option to change the default search provider is still available and instead of the Google label, there exist another Bing label. Yup, two Bing labels for this option.

So, it could be a bug. Else, why there'd be two 'Bing's and why did the rest of the phones got it rightly with GDR2? But again, its a personal belief. Microsoft and Nokia haven't yet made statements regarding this issue. While many fan boys can hope and believe that this was apparently a joke at Google, I strongly believe its a bug and for those who're guessing, yes there'd be a fix.

We don't know about other devices as the OTA started only for the Lumia 920s. And only a few regions are experiencing this issue. But you can expect a minor update very soon that would presumably fix this issue.

What do you think about this? Real thing or a mistake? Did Google play fair with the way they took decisions for Windows Phones? Let me know in your comments.