Nokia EOS: Smartphone Camera Revolution?

Here's the Nokia EOS -- As big as you imagined it'd be. Source: Vizileaks
One of the hottest rumours spreading around the Windows Phone world is the highly secret smartphone from Nokia that's reportedly under works -- the Nokia EOS or Elvis as 'they' call it. For the past few days, images have been pouring in showing off the body of EOS and even a wide hump around the back that would accompany the 41MP sensor from the Finnish phone maker's arsenal. And now, there are more and more leaks but this time, we get all the angles.

Vizileaks, a new leaker has joined in and their first post was about the Nokia EOS and infact, its a mini review. Somehow, Vizileaks claims to have got a prototype or to be more clear, a preview version of the Nokia EOS and they've tested it from the ground up. Not just the testing but they've released a few shots from different angles showing off the whole device.

From the looks, the phone looks pretty real and its not suprising to see the Finnish giant coming up with the EOS as the Nokia PureView 808 got nice reviews regarding the camera and it was fairly amazing. The only low side was the diminishing Symbian OS and it was the only factor that kept people away from testing that great device. Nokia EOS is simply the Windows Phone version of the Nokia 808 with lots of improvement and inheritances from the current Lumia family.

Vizileaks didn't reveal the software and firmware part in their post. However, they did play with the phone and gave a detailed impression of the phone.

According to Vizileaks, the phone is bulky just like the Lumia 920 but feels comfortable, solid and perfect for your hands. They're not sure about the material the phone is made from. Vizileaks didn't mention about the display and went straight to the camera part. The camera is bulged out from the back just like the Lumia 925 and the 808 but its more like the one in Lumia 925 -- even bigger. The labels on the lens clearly states the use of Carl Zeiss optics but the megapixels are still a secret. Its labelled 'XX' megapixels and it could most probably be a 2 digit number -- 41 for sure. Moreover, the numbers aren't just the interesting thing. Lumia EOS would also pack the amazing low-light as well as the OIS features as well thereby making it the most powerful camera smartphone in the whole world.

Other than that, it looks like a Lumia 920 from the sides. Design language and button layout is similar to the Lumia 920. Wireless Charging is not inbuilt and the holes behind points to the use of Covers just like the ones for Lumia 925. What's more interesting is the presence of an unusual port -- a Lanyard U-port which I am hearing for the first ever time.

Nokia EOS enjoying the sun. Flash unit looks a lot like Xenon. Source: Vizileaks
Another interesting this to note is the Xenon Flash unit along with the LED flash. Truly, the Nokia EOS is a hybrid device that not just packs an amazing camera but also inherited features from all its predecessors.

Vizileaks also posted a video showing off the big Camera on its back. Its being clicked many times and you can clearly see the Shutter in action.

Nokia is clearly a not-so-good secret keeper. More leaks are imminent and this could point to an official announcement pretty soon. Lets hope the phone arrives very soon and I can't stop thinking about the way it could totally reinvent the smartphone theory of the present. Also, Nokia EOS can possibly bring Windows Phone to the top tiers and bring itself to the top charts. Stay tuned for more updates on Nokia EOS.