Jetpack Joyride jumps to Windows Phones

Jetpack JoyrideAfter a long, long wait, the blockbuster game from Halfbrick Studios has finally arrived in the Windows Phone 8 Store. Jetpack Joyride is a thrilling arcade that you won't quit playing. It's totally free and available as an Xbox game.

I've had some chunk of time playing around with Barry, the main character of the game. The objective of the game is simple -- for those who never played it before. You just gotta tap on the screen to make Barry use his jetpack to move up and down. Its a lot like jumping but its not jumping any way.

On your way, collect coins and avoid the zappers and the rockets. There are no other controls for this amazing game and its total fun. Finish the missions given to you and you can level up to get more coins and unlock new stuff.

Xbox Live achievements are given to you for completing specified tasks and you get gamer points. Xbox Live has always been a challenging factor IMO and it makes every time you play a game worth it. You can collect these points and beat your friends in the leaderboards. I did collect a lot of achievements and a few secret achievements too but there are a few still left for me to unlock.

The game looks stable on Windows Phone and smooth too. I didn't encounter any bugs or glitches that affected the performance of the game on my device. The only trouble I faced was after playing a lot of time offline, I connected to my live via WiFi and all the stuff I bought from the Stash disappeared and it prompts me to buy those once again. The coins are intact and the game progress is fine too. But this seems like a random issue to me. I'll see if this problem persists again and update this post.

If you are a Windows Phone 8 user, you might wanna check out this cool game and I'm sure its worth playing. Head over to the store and get Jetpack Joyride for free right now. Just click here to go to Store. Or, you can scan the QR Code below from your phone via the Bing Vision to get this app on your device.