Instance: Instagram on your Windows Phone

InstanceFor me, it was quite awkward to see people blaming Windows Phone for not having Instagram. It's true that the popular photo sharing social network which was recently acquired by Facebook is home to millions of photo lovers out there but I never thought it was this much crazy. But among my local friends, only a few talk about it and it wasn't that much of a hype here.

But lets just can't leave the majority, right? Even I too got hooked up with Instagram very recently and I had the app on my Tab. It was beautiful and made the photo editing part easier. Those filters were pretty neat and cool and I loved the way you could edit your photos to make some beautfiful ones. However, I wasn't too much into it as I later found other apps which provided better and more filters and effects than the ones Instagram promised. Moreover, there weren't even a quarter of my friends in Instagram and it felt like a barren land to me. So, I quickly dropped out.

Since I got my Windows Phone, I didn't even bother about the absence of a good Instagram client on the phone as I got several alternatives (even better ones) for managing my photos. But now, I got that Instagram experience back thanks to Instance (formerly Itsdagram).

Currently, this is the best Instagram client in Windows Phone Store and its got all the features of Instagram in it too. Its sad to see popular social networking hubs like Facebook, Instagram etc. are skipping Windows Phones as this quite a solid platform where there are a lot of opportunities to build better and more beautiful apps. However, thanks to this young guy -- Daniel Gary, we have filled the slot for a good Instagram client.

The principle is simple -- giving you a neat and clean interface where you can see all the Instagram feeds, follow new people, search for hashtags and even connect with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Instance does it all in Windows Phone and its an easier way to access your favourite photo social network.

The interface is quite simple. Just sign in with your Instagram account and you get all your feeds. Plus, there's live tile and background notifications support too and so, you won't be missing any updates. If you've used the Instagram client on Android or iOS before, you might feel a little lack of features but you just can't blame the dev as he did his best trying to bring Instagram awesomeness to Windows Phone.

Instance was Itsdagram at the time I was writing this. Now, it has a much better and elegant UI and performs really well. In a nutshell, if you're a hardcore Instagram user who've been yelling for Instagram in Windows Phone, this is possibly the best you could ever get right now and it's worth it. Don't wait for the official app to come by -- just grab Instance to enjoy Instagram on Windows Phone.

You can download Instance Free here and Instance Paid here.