Xbox Unveil: Live Blog and where to watch Livestreams!

Today, Microsoft is all set to reveal the next-gen Xbox which will hold the key to Microsoft's gaming future and hopes to create new doors in the gaming industry. The event will take place at the newly set up Microsoft camp inside the software giant's headquarters at Redmond, Washington. Just less than one two hours for the event to kick start!

Of course, I won't be at there watching the event for real. But I decided to set up a live blog for the first ever time via Wordfaire and update it as I watch the livestream. So, if you are not watching the livestream or are unable to see it online, then you can check out the live feed below to get the updates that I'll often be posting. I can't assure you 100% updates due to the below-par internet performance here.

But don't parry. I can list here a few websites where you can watch the livestream and get hot updates. So, its not at an empty cup after all you get after reading this. So, check out the following links.