The new face of Xbox: the Xbox One

Microsoft finally unveiled its next step in the gaming industry and the new face of Xbox -- the Xbox One. Yes, and its not Infinity or 720 so "boo" to those rumours. And yes, its amazing! Xbox One is not just about gaming but is just an All in One System to replace your TV, Music System and Gaming Console. To put it simple -- "Entertainment at your fingertips".

However, it was just a short show like the PS4 event. The team showed very little of the new Xbox and is forwarding to E3 for more details including a live gameplay demo. There was no mention of price but did suggest the release date to fall 2013. Here's a short clip of the new Xbox from Microsoft -- similar to the Surface Ad nuh?

Now, I'm going to breakdown the show one by one starting from the most focused features to how it all came up together with the Xbox One.
The following stuff is based on the event that was streamed live worldwide and from reports and medias. The opinions, views are all personal and not from anyone else. So, don't screw me if you felt it was biased as I'm totally sure there's no thing in this article. Everything is right from my mind and personal. And do rectify me if I made a mistake somewhere.

Under the Hood of Xbox One

The new Xbox One Console -- Bigger and hopefully better. Source: Wired
The new Xbox One console is beautiful, solid and its bigger. And hell yeah, its powerful. The Xbox One packs an 8 core processor and an 8GB RAM which could mean serious gaming. There's also a 500GB HDD showcased and could that mean that there are no variants for Xbox One? A lot more features and hardcore rig are present in the console to bring the future gaming to the next-gen console. And after a while, Microsoft has bought up a Blu-Ray drive for the Xbox One.

Inside the Xbox One

Microsoft shows off Xbox One dashboard, Trending tab for popular content
The new Xbox One Dashboard. Source: Engadget
Looking at the software part, Xbox One is clearly redefined. It packs 3 Operating Systems -- One being a Windows Kernel, the second which controls the Kinect powers and the third being the one for apps. The Dashboard is redesigned and looks more like Windows 8. There are also features inherited from Windows 8 like snapping two apps. A lot of new apps and exclusives are heading to Xbox One.

The all new Kinect

The new Kinect Sensor -- more intelligent than ever. Source: Wired
Microsoft is pretty much making everything better and bigger. The all new Kinect is the 'brain' of the whole system. Kinect is the central device which controls the Console, which manages the connection between the ecosystems for Xbox One. And its far better from the looks of it.

There was a demo showing the new features in Xbox One in the beginning -- especially, the Kinect. Kinect is much more intelligent and sensitive to what you do. It can detect when you move your shoulder, when you pick up the controller and when you start to use any of the Xbox One ecosystem components. At the demo, the guy simply used his voice to control the Xbox One. Now here's the interesting part -- the surrounding wasn't quiet at all and yet, the Xbox One responded swiftly. Just with a command "Xbox On", you can turn on your Xbox One. You can even command to switch between TV, Music, Game or anything else in the Xbox One. And the switching is faster than you guessed it.

Upview of the the new Kinect sensor. Source: Wired
Clearly, we're looking at a much more intelligent Kinect here. Looking at the camera, Kinect now has a revamped camera which can sense the tiniest of your body motions and your gestures. For example, you can minimize an app or maximize it just by a simple gesture. Now that was pretty amazing.

Truly, Kinect is the core of Xbox One and its the thing that controls the whole stuff.

Presenting the new TV experience

The rumours were pretty much correct. Xbox One is clearly trying to change your TV experience or literally redefine it.
TV Guide feature of Xbox One
The Remote Control was introduced to make controlling your TV in a comfortable way. With Xbox One, you are the controller. The all new Kinect as I said before can accept voice controls much more sensitively and even gestures. So, if you want to change to a different channel, just say the name and it'll instantaneously switch to that channel. If you want to open up Skype and chat with a friend while watching the TV, you can just command to snap Skype onto a side and use it while watching the TV at the same time.
Spielberg (yes, it is him) tailored Halo series is coming to Xbox One as an exclusive. Now, that's awesome!
Xbox One has clearly eliminated the need for a remote control. Microsoft has clearly brought up a new challenge. And with the Xbox One, its not just about games -- its about entertainment at a groundbreaking level.

The Xbox One Controller

The new Xbox One controller. Source: Wired
With Xbox One, the game controller takes on a new level. Its got a new design, one that meets the old controller's architecture while making gaming more comfortable. The all new controller also packs an integrated battery compartment, impulse triggers and an updated D-Pad and WiFi direct. Moreover, Microsoft promises the triggers to be about 15% more responsive.

The Games

A face model from Call of Duty: Ghosts
There wasn't any live demo at the event but Microsoft popped out some trailers and even in-game footages. 15+ exclusive games are coming to Xbox One out of which, 8 are going to be brand new franchises. Among the upcoming games are Forza Motorsport 5 and Quantum Break from Remedy. EA Sports also unveiled the upcoming titles with exclusive features and mods for the Xbox One including NBA, Undisputed, Madden  and FIFA.

Activison finally unveiled the Call of Duty: Ghosts for Xbox One with a new gameplay trailer. The graphics seems to have taken a new level and Ghosts is going to be an all new adventure with Oscar winning write on-board. Xbox One will be the first to receive COD: Ghosts DLCs and exclusives.

Release Date and Pricing

Microsoft didn't gave out much hints on pricing but the intial prices are expected to be at around $600. There are no reports on the Xbox One variants. Microsoft said they are planning to launch the device by the fall of 2013.

More details regarding the consoles and live demoes will be coming up at E3 2013.

Xbox One or Playstation 4

At this stage, I can't give a clear answer. Both Sony and Microsoft gave few hints to what the consoles can offer. At one side, there's Xbox One which seems to be like the perfect entertaintment companion with an immersive experience with Kinect. On the otherside, there's a powerful Playstation that also promises entertaintment as well as hardcore gaming at a new level with a better controller as well as for the first time, a sensor similar to Kinect.

So, I suggest to wait till E3 to arrive at a conclusion as concluding at this point isn't a good choice. Both consoles have shown of their skills but its not yet tested out in real world by real people. So, its E3 then.