Camera360: I love it, I love it, I love it!

Camera360I would rephrase the same dialogue that I saw in a Malayalam movie with a twist -- "Even if I did fell in love with many apps out there, its the first time I'm feeling the app as a wonder." Well, not executed perfectly as you wont get the same essence of the dialogue if you translate it. But anyways, it works for this app too. Camera360 is the most beautiful and well-designed app I've ever seen in any platform so far.

Not just that is beautiful but it eliminates one of the biggest problems in the Windows Phone world -- lack of Instagram. To be frank, I've felt the absence for the first few days but once I got this app, I never gave a damn about it. Because this is a way better alternative than Instagram if you're just focusing on the camera features. But yeah, socially too, this app is an outstanding performer. I love it, I love it, I love it!

I've seen many photo and camera apps on the Store before as I said. None of them met the criteria for being a good alternative. Sometimes, its just too complicated even if it packed hell of features. Sometimes, the apps not even worthy of being a standard editor. But with this app, the whole pursuit turns upside down. I never knew that it was such a superb app from the first looks of it from the store. But right from the start when I opened the app for the first time, I knew this was going to be an all-rounder.
Funky new filters, stylish new frames, a decent photo organizer, a well-integrated social media and an exclusive new camera interface makes Camera360 a must-have app for Windows Phone.
Enough with the appreciation. Camera360 is a camera app for Windows Phone which features a whole new camera interface with effects and options placed in a dialler and cool filters to spice up your photographs. The first time you open this app, I bet you'll love it. The interface is refurbished unlike the other apps which just uses the default camera to take the picture. Here, Camera360 has its own camera. And the best part is here -- the effects dialler. You can choose between different kinds of effects before you take the picture using the small dialler at the bottom. Once you select a particular subject, say for example, Landscape, you can swipe left or right to see the sub-filters as I call it. Its really simple as you know how the photo's going to look even before you take it. Cool enough, ha?

Not just that, it also got an automatic adjuster to adjust brightness, color tone and other properties and give you a better picture. The filters are awesome. My favourite one is the sketch camera filter. Camera360 also displays all your pictures like an album with specific timelines. You can switch between two modes -- Photo Diary and Photo Calendar. The app is very well socially intergrated. Once you connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts, you can share pictures on the go.

Advanced options are also available since the latest updates which allows you to choose exposure settings. However, there's one thing that I wanted to see missing -- it doesn't have any Nokia integrated features. Well, the camera app allows you to take the best pictures for sure as they are rightly configured even to give you the best shots in the night (Especially for the 920). But most camera apps including Camera360 is not having options to access these features and use them with their own features. It could mean much better picture from a single app. Even the SmartShoot, Cinemagraph and other camera lenses also don't have advanced options like in the Camera app which is really a drawback. I hope one day, this awesome app can utilize these advanced settings and become a pro camera app.

So, if you are still yelling for Instagram, I would obviously suggest you to try this because this is way better than Instagram. I'm pretty sure you guys will love it once you try it. Its the best camera app for Windows Phone so far and you are missing a great experience if your phone is not having this app. I hope this will end the Instagram madness. You can download the app by clicking the below link or by scanning the QR code given below with Bing Vision.

Download Camera360 for Windows Phone