Get WPCentral on your Windows Phone to get the latest updates

WPCentralToday, I'm gonna give all the Windows Phone users who are reading this blog a very essential app that I find to be in the Store -- the WPCentral app. I don't know how many of you folks around here have it on your device as most maybe shy to reading updates out of a website. Yeah, I too thought of it like that till when I realized it was more than a handbook for a Windows Phone user.

As you might know or might not, WPCentral is one of the best Windows Phone room in the web and its one of the largest Windows Phone user forums. True, there are other sites like WMPowersuer, WinSupersite etc but this one has an app of its own and its the most comfortable one in the Store. WPCentral is associated with Mobile-Nations, a group of websites dedicated towards each of the leading platforms like Android, Blackberry, Apple etc.

So, why WPCentral? Well, I will take this from my experience. Very recently, I found that after the last update to my Lumia 920, the Stores rarely showed any update notifications on the tile. Many times, I had to go to the Store myself and find the apps and update manually. You know its a frustrating job and I got tired of looking for these updates again and again. I first thought it was a problem with my phone but soon, I found out that my Dad's Lumia 620 too showed the same problem. And after googling, I found out this was quite a major issue that users are still experiencing. Some say its because there are specific times to check for updates and blah blah stuff but its annoying to not get the new updates.

At that time, I found WPCentral to be of the full use. WPCentral is not just a hub for the Windows Phone news but it also informs you of the apps which received an update. And yeah, right from the app, you can go to the link of the app in the store and click update and voila! Its still not the best solution but its a better one at this stage. If anyone experiences the same trouble like me, then you must have this on your phone.

Other than that, it also keeps you updated on the latest things happening around the Windows Phone and sometimes, even the Windows world. So, you're not going to miss any of the latest news or app updates or even major phone updates.

But apart from all these features, the one thing that disappointed me was that it had a price tag. It costs you Rs. 55 to get the full, ad-free app. But you could just try the application which will provide limited features. The full version includes the ability to show live-tiles, save for offline reading and its ad-free. But if you are willing to sacrifice the premium features, it still won't be a waste as you'll receive content everyday via the app.

If you're a Windows Phone user, I would recommend you to get this app from the Store right away. If you don't have the money to buy it, atleast try it so that you'll understand the importance of this app.

Download WPCentral for Windows Phone 8