Welcome to the new Sabernova!

Hi folks!

Today, I give you an all new, refurbished Sabernova. Of course, you're noticing it right now. Erm, that sounded stupid. Well, anyways, its not a big deal. This is just an official welcome -- sort of. Oh, jeez...! I totally suck in this. Lol!

Well, its been a while since the blog got a refresh. If I remember correctly, I've been with the past template for over year now and its called 'Legit'. It was a fresh new start for the blog with the new look and I loved the way the old template worked. It was elegant, beautiful and childish and I loved it a lot. It wasn't simply a factory template but I had a lot of new CSS and other stuff in it which made the blog lively. I hope everyone loved the old Sabernova and I don't if anyone here do -- but I do miss the old blog.

SabernovaNow, its another new start for the blog. This template called 'Sensational' is just another rare and elegant template for blogger I found after a long search. I don't normally find unique and fresh blogger templates nowadays and since its WordPress which enjoys the popularity, blogger is kind of left out. Anyways, just like Legit, Sensational is also filled with new CSS codes and other stuff which is tailored to the edge of perfection by me. ;) Well, I would also like to tell that this was my first ever major CSS and HTML modification throughout my entire life. I wasn't very well with CSS and I never thought it could simplify the workload and add extra beauty to a large extent. After building up Sensational, I understood why CSS is an essential part of the web and I will focus on to improve my skills in the subject. I really loved the way it can handle things and make it easy to build up a page.

To sum up, I've noted down the new features in my blog and how it can redefine the browsing experience in my opinion. So, here we go.
  • Interactive Slider to notify you of the most important and breaking new articles and to reduce surfing times.
  • Two new navigation bars. The top one gives quick access to the most prominent areas of my blog. The one you see in the left is more like a Tag list, i.e, there are more options to different subjects.
  • More optimized and supercharged to give you faster load times with the help of Cloudflare.
  • Less fonts which are beautiful enough for the blog content to increase load times.
  • Larger post area to reduce scrolling times and to enhance readability.
  • Different views for maximized and minified browser windows to give comfortable browsing.
  • No missing widgets or codes. Just extra stuff. :)
To be frank, I'm not fully aware of my current template and it has some special stuff inside it like for example, if you're browsing without maximizing your browser window, you'll get a minified version of the site and after you maximize the window, you'll get the original website design. And frankly, I don't know how it works but I hope I'll learn enough in the coming days to unlock more out of the blog and learn awesome new stuff.

So, now its your time to do me a favour. Just tell me about how the new design and look feels to you -- whether it has took a good turn to make surfing easier or is it not better than the old one. Your opinion and feel free to make it. You can always leave a comment here as a feedback and as a favour.

Will be updating the blog with more cool tech stuff, reviews and memories from my life. So, just don't let go of it and bookmark my blog in your hearts. Just a little space -- no less and certainly no more. Thanks to each and everyone -- family, friends and my humble readers for bringing up me and my blog to this stage. Will be indebted to you guys through my entire life. Adios and good luck!