Give a new look to your text with MyTextTwister

MyTextTwisterBored sending plain texts to your friends? Cheer up as there’s an app to make texting much cooler in Windows Phone.

MyTextTwister, a text formatting app from KunRuch creations does exactly what it says. It formats your text to make it more funky, funny and cool and has a lot of different styles of texts within its database. There are no different fonts but its all based on the same font yet different designs of the same word which are present in that single font. A lot of combinations are present where you can make your text upside down, rounded, artistic and even condensed forms of the same text. Its really a handy app for those who likes texting and even could make help you in bringing a variety to your status updates or your tweets.

Its function is really simple. Just type in the text or copy paste it onto the left and you get the formatted text on the right. You can either copy this formatted text or directly send it to a friend within the app or directly update your facebook status. Its really awesome and I really love this app as I text frequently. It’s really a nice way to text as there’s a more decorated text within your message and the receiver would be amazed to see such decorative texts.

And what if its your friend’s birthday today? Normally, you would just send a plain happy birthday or if its a BFF, you would look up in the internet, find some images generated using text and would send it. Its really tiring right? But yeah, BFFs would do that for sure. However, what if you’re on middle of a journey and there’s no internet and you suddenly realize its your friend’s birthday? It would be lame to send just a text as he/she wouldn’t take notice of it. But if you have MyTextTwister, you don’t have to worry! Not only you can generate formatted texts but there’s another interesting thing behind MyTexTwister. It has predefined decorations.

The Decorate option allows you to embed some pre-loaded text generated images and patterns or even some nice words to send to wish a friend. It doesn’t require any internet connection and you can simply choose your favourite design and text-image from the list and add a nice birthday message and send it quickly with the tap of a button. Voila! Your friend would be so happy and so would you. Im just taking the example of a birthday situation here but there are a lot of other predefined text for different occasions like valentine’s day, christmas etc. Lots of other text generated images are also present like bunnies, snow man etc.

Hence, MyTextTwister is a very handy app and is especially made for the ultimate texters. If you’re one, I bet you’ll love it the moment you start using it. Its available for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 and its absolutely free. So, go ahead and download it if you haven’t done it already. Just scan the following QR Code or click on the link to go to Windows Phone Store.