Call of Duty teaser site is live and it seems Ghostly!

I don't know if I'm the only person who was disappointed with the last two COD games. Modern Warfare 3 was at least promising when compared with Black Ops II. There was action and fun midst the crackling storyline. However, Black Ops II was an utter failure in my views. I recently got to finish it and I was disappointed big time. For me, it was a story ended in half. The story was picking up quite well and bam! -- Activision just mixed up the climax to serve an ugly dessert to the gamers. Even if Activision showed laziness in making a better Graphics Engine like the one in Battlefield series, they could've made the game better by just lengthening and ending up that half-story.

But now, its do or die for Activision.

Battlefield 4 is already on its way and EA gave a good impression of the game on the first gameplay trailer. The graphics seemed fantastic and much more realistic. Its just the story they gotta make up. I loved Battlefield 3 but it was a very poor script. However, it seems EA may pick up the lost grounds with Battlefield 4.

However, it seems Activision finally realized the importance of bringing a better experience to COD fans around the globe. It was rumoured that Activision is working on a new engine which can rival the one coming up in Battlefield 4 for the next COD game. And now, officially, the next COD game is surely a reality.

COD Teaser website homepage.

That's right, Activision just launched a new teaser site for the next Call of Duty game. It was rumoured that the next COD would be titled 'Ghosts' and the new teaser site seems to match the background of the title. When you enter the site, you are greeted with a picture representing a Skull and what seems to be like a Map on the same layer as the Skull is. There are no details about the next game or what the next COD would be called. For now, Activision is simply pulling the fans to come to the site and join in the social discussion. When you hover your mouse, you can see the tweets and posts people made on the new teaser site.

But don't become upset. The launch of the teaser site simply means that the game is on its way and you can probably get more info and visuals on the game in the coming days. The game is expected to launch on November 4th according to the latest rumours but there aren't any solid details yet. Will update this post with more info if I get them.