Windows Phone 7.8 update in February; Lumia 920 and 820 confirmed for January 11th in India

Grab the drums and start beating Windows Phone fans! It seems good news are already on the way for all Windows Phone users in India as I've got two big news to share. I recently made a chat with a Nokia Care support member and got two big news regarding the availability of Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8 Lumia-s in India.

In a chat made with a Care expert, the first question I asked was about the availability of the much awaited Windows Phone 7.8 update for the Windows Phone 7 Lumia-s. As most of you already know, Windows Phone 7.8 is the latest update for the single-cored Windows Phone family which offers the same UI present in Windows Phone 8 with improved performance and stability. Now back to the question. I was replied with a satisfactory answer on the Windows Phone 7.8 update. First of all, the spokesperson said that my Lumia 610 can be updated if I visit the nearest Nokia Care and they would willingly do it for me safely. This ends the speculations as to whether Nokia themselves are allowing Care centers to update the customers' phone to Windows Phone 7.8. Thus, if you really want to catch the goodness early, just visit the nearest Nokia Care center and they would happily update your phone to WP 7.8. Of course, Nokia is pushing the Care Centers to do it for you and there is no risk in this. You would be getting the same update when it is available via Zune.

On my next query on when the update would be available via Zune, the spokesperson happily told that all devices would be getting the update via Zune starting from February 2013 -- just a month more to go.

Next, I eagerly asked my big question -- on when would the Windows Phone 8 Lumia-s be launched in India. I was awestruck to receive a specific and positive date from the spokesperson as for the release date of the Catalan of Windows Phones. He said pretty sharply that the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 would be launched on January 11th and as for Lumia 620, it would be launched in the fourth week of January in India. Hurrah! The WP8 Lumia-s are neared than you thought!

On my further questioning on what the prices for these devices would be -- the spokesperson told he couldn't reveal the prices before the launch. I wasn't able to get even a hint of the prices but according to various reports, it is well estimated that the price Lumia 920 would be well below Rs. 40,000 -- not very much satisfying.

So that's it folks. Mark your calendars for the big launch of the most-awaited and the most innovative smartphones. Can't wait to get one!