10K+ Hits...! Keep it coming!

Hi folks!

Once again, Sabernova accomplished a glorious first time milestone. We're at over 10,000 hits and what's more -- this came much earlier than expected. Last time I checked, the site was in the 8000 bracket and within a few days, the hits started spiking at a very high rate with over 100 hits or more in a minute for the past few hours. It seems my pretty tiny site in the webspace is growing rapidly.

In this momentous occasion, I would like to extend my warm and sincere gratitude and thanks to all my lovely readers for their great support since the site came into being, my buddies for their big support in real and virtual life, my family and my relatives and all the extended circles for the warm reception for my tiny blog.

With this, my blogging ambition has grown very much and I'd keep on blogging as I stated before extracting fruitful posts from the web and sharing my experiences with you guys and whatever I learnt from my computing life. In the coming days, I'll be adding up more posts that would prove to be helpful for many and I'm also planning to upload video tutorials and my own versions of first looks of worthy gadgets and softwares. I'm not sure about that -- all depends on my available time, the old camcorder and my school. Anyways, will give everything I got and promise you guys to keep on with my blogging whenever the time's free. Once again, thank you all for being with me all the time through my cyber journey!

Love you all!

- Sangeeth Sudheer