Celebrating 3 inspiring years -- Happy New Year

Hi to all. Let the tradition be the first – wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year where waits a lot of new surprises, adventures and acquaintances. Apart from New Year, this day has one more thing special to me. On this day back in 2011, Sabernova was born. So, today marks the third anniversary of my little blog and my adventures in the cyber world in official terms.

It’s been a long journey which started with nothing but came up with something in the end. It’s been hard times since I first thought to start the blog. Let me make up a quick bio of the blog through the years. If I remember correctly, my blogging ambition started during my days back in 2009 – late 2009. I learned a thing or two about blogs and the art of blogging during those times and had a big motivation from +Givianaa Muraleetharan, one of my close friends. Infact, she inspired me with her little but pretty blog which she started at blogger. Back in those times, I never even had the tiniest of ideas to start a blog. But I had the skills and knowledge of computers which gave me the idea to start a blog of mine where I would be writing tech articles. With her suggestion, I named my blog Universalia, a Russian sort of word which meant something related to knowledge. I really forgot that! Blogger was the medium for my blog and I loved the simple editor and the variety of customization options. And so, Universalia was soon born and registered under Blogger itself. I quickly adopted the blogging skills which I learnt from her, other friends and also by reading some interesting blogs written by other guys who shared the same motive as me. I really started to love blogging then and I also improved my language skills with this. However, my love for blogging soon went off as increase in studies forced me to keep away from it. Not only that, I was turned from a guy who blogged for the sake of love towards the art to a guy who wanted to make money out of it. I thought it would be fairly easy to earn money but I was never able to make a single penny out of this business which I thought would profit.

Universalia soon faded away into the ashes. I had also stop dreaming of blogging and I was driven to other hobbies instead. However, as my life progressed and my skills more developed, I understood it was essential that I share it the maximum with my friends and people outside my circles. Thus, I came back to blogging again within a year. It started as a blog under my name and started the same thing all over again. However, I understood it needed more originality. So, by late 2010, I started designing a blog that would be unique, fresh and elegant and likewise, more informative than its predecessor. The blog was completed quickly along with its design. However, I wanted to make it look much more worthy. Thus, with a little amount I got from my parents, I registered for a domain under ZNETLive. It was pretty hard picking the name and I couldn’t contact my former friend at that time. Thus, with the help of Google Translate and a bit of language I learned myself, I finally got a worthy name to fill in the slot. It was none other than ‘Sabernova’ which is pretty awkward at a first glance. The name Sabernova is made up of two parts – ‘Saber’, which means knowledge and ‘Nova’ which means land. So, summing up, Sabernova would mean ‘Land of knowledge’. Nice, isn’t it? Besides myself, I also invited some of my buddies to start writing but it didn’t work out well as they rarely posted anything. Though the first few months where awkward again just like Universalia, I soon revamped the blog, added a more elegant, fresh and simple interface with some CSS animations and touches and thus, the Sabernova you are seeing now was born. From Universalia to the primate Sabernova and finally to the current Sabernova – hard indeed. Three stages and three years so far.

That ends the quick story of Sabernova from its beginning to the present self. There aint much celebration over here as I got school on New Year day and I’m not able to live the day off at my home. I would also like share a message I learnt from my past experiences which is also a universal law for all the bloggers out there and those who are looking forward to start blogging. It goes like this:

Blogging is an art that is always recreated every day. It varies from person to person. So, your blogging is unique to you only and no one else possesses that power. So, fill your blogging with every bit of your life and your skills. It’s you that makes your blog special. Blogging is the most unique art and thus, try to protect is uniqueness. Blogging is not about money – it’s about you. So, remember always to preserve the integrity of the blogosphere.

So, at this moment, I would like to thank all my friends, family, relatives and extended circles and my lovely readers for supporting me and my blog for the past years and still doing their sincere help. I would also like to make some specific thanks to a few people. First one goes to +ihthi sham, one of my buddies who actually sparked off my hidden talents back in 2007 and showed me my true path. Thanks a lot buddy, wherever you are now! Next one goes to +Givianaa Muraleetharan for inspiring me, motivating me and bringing me to the blogosphere and supporting me through all my life. Thanks a lot la! To my Dad and Mom for their support and kind consideration for my blog and for their contributions. Love you guys! To +Archith kp , a very rare but special acquaintance and best buddy who promoted his support for my blog and helped me and gave lots of support and inspiring me into the hacking world. My sincere thanks to my best buddies  -- +Anand Ramesh, +RAHUL SUKUMAR.V, +Safal Haris and others who I missed here for their great help, love and support. Thanks to my juniors who shared the same motive as mine and for their kind support – +Pranav Raveendran, +Haren Amal, Shaun Paul Jovet, +Arjun krishnan and others. Last, but not the least, I once again thank all my readers for their great support so far and I really hope to expect the same for the next years too.

Oh, and keep reading folks! Lots of new stuff are coming in 2013 and it's gonna be a rock and roll year if fortunes meet. :)

- Sangeeth Sudheer