Merry Christmas everyone!

Hi folks,

Once again, a beautiful Christmas day comes amidst all the doomsday predictions and blubbery. Well, I had always poked fun at my friends we wouldn't be seeing this day again, knowingly, of course! :) But once again, Science wins and 2012 is now an official joke. Still, had lot of fun the past days and made a lot of prank. That was ton of fun.

Well, first of all, I wish all my lovely readers, friends, family and the extended circles a merry-cherry Christmas and a happy new year in advance. I hope everyone's enjoying the day at their homes or having parties and cheering off the day. Though I'm still at home, sitting infront of the desktop. Even if we're religion-ally Hindus, we still celebrate Christmas. We would hang a star in the lobby, cut a cake and all that stuff. We haven't got a Christmas tree yet but we're already having enough fun. Besides, today is the birthday of my cousin, +Neeraja K.R and so, we've two official reasons to celebrate today. I hope she's reading this and I wish her a happy birthday and a long life.

Even if my family was Christian, I wouldn't at all be having extra fun as I'm not a religious type. I believe in science more than any religion and I like it that way as it helps me out on most of my questions and doubts. I'm not going much into that talk as I don't want to intervene on your thoughts. However, I do celebrate Christmas just like any other celebrations simply because these are special days where people unite and have the most fun. Celebrations are always peaceful times where all the people, regardless of differences on every grounds, come together to enjoy. So, just like them, I too, as a citizen of this world am willing to enjoy and celebrate this day for a united peace. Christmas is also a day where we forget the past as we're near to leap into a next chapter of our life, a new beginning.

Pardon me for the much degraded philosophies that I'm used to talk. In the most plain words, I love Christmas just like everyone. Today, I'm also a part of the billions of people who are enjoying this day the most with their families or friends. So, once again, on behalf of my lovely blog, my beliefs, my ethics and my computerized world, I wish everyone a peaceful Christmas day.

- With lots of love,
   Sangeeth Sudheer