Meet my Mom's Lumia

After a long, long wait, we finally have a Windows Phone among our family. However, the only thing is that -- it still ain't me, but my mom. She has finally decided to ditch the Wave II which was a flawed device and got herself, a pretty new Lumia 610, one that's simplistic in all aspects. However, it's not a new one, but a second-hand one -- used just for a day.

I should have made this post a little bit earlier but I never got time to write one in the midst of studies and besides, I thought to make this a surprise. I actually bought the phone not more than a week ago. Oh, it was an epic battle at the mobile store, trust me. One side, consisting of all the people worked at there along with my dad, representing the android side and me on the right corner, waving for Windows Phone. Oh yeah, just me. My mother was not in all these matters and thus, she stayed aside. In the first wave, my Dad told her to buy an Xperia (I don't remember the stupid model) which had these clumsy buttons and was way too bright. It was an import and was priced about Rs. 13k. I totally refused the ugly choice he made as it wasn't a good one and it was way too pricey. I vouched for a Lumia 710 as it was the perfect one in my mind for a Windows Phone. Omnia W was a smart choice too but both had a price tag of about Rs. 15k. The shop people totally disagreed with my opinion saying blah-blah stuff that included -- "it has a low resale price". Hmph, who is going to sell it anyway?

The first wave ended nearly in a tie. Dad totally disagreed with buying mom a 15k model that was a perfect option since they aren't aware of Windows Phone much. A funny thing I heard from the shop people's side was that -- "It's really hard to use Windows Phone as the UI is not user-friendly." Oh jeez! It's rated as the best UI  ever created and even the android and apple junkies are trying to merge it with their OS. My mom never tried to speak anything as she never knew what was going on. Our clash finally came to an end with me being the winner but Dad was still strong about his disregard for the Rs. 15k models. So, he said to buy a lower price one. I had no option but to listen. I finally said yes and we rolled back to a cheaper one, the Lumia 610. I never thought to buy one as I thought it wouldn't do much good even as a WP. But shockingly, Dad again disapproved this because it was priced above Rs. 10k  and asked me for a cheaper one. Oh c'mon! He was going to buy a Rs. 13k Xperia for mom but not buying a Rs. 12k phone that's a WP?

If I'm correct, the Xperia Neo L was Dad's choice. It looks pretty but way too buggy and button-ed. Mom preferred more touch and less buttons.

I never gave up Windows Phone as I vowed not to buy any other for mom. She trusted me too. Luckily, there was a second-hand model that was used just for about two days or so. It was priced about Rs. 8000. I was totally against buying second-hand items as they always lacked the original quality. But due to strong disregards from Dad and the store people, mom was forced to buy the second hand-model. They wiped and cleaned the phone, put in the SIM and thus, the first member of our Windows Phone has come to light.

Amazingly, it overdid my expectations. For a cheap phone, I never felt any discomfort using it and just like the Windows Phone tradition, the phone was smooth as butter. So far, no lags, no jitters or no crashes. The phone has a brilliant display, good sound quality, nice volume levels and a decent camera. It feels so good in your hands and is a perfect smartphone.The only drawback was the 256MB RAM that limited the apps you could install. But fortunately, I got all the apps I needed and mom would need for her use. I quickly arranged the Start Screen, connected to her accounts and the phone came live.

Clearly, Lumia 610 did amaze me and my mom too. After her first day, she told me that everyone in her office looked at the phone interestingly and so many came to check it out. She also told me it was very user-friendly and she could do calling, texting, chatting and all other stuff faster than ever. Even the office guys said it was an amazing phone and was so easy to understand. That calmed my appetite. She loved the phone and it truly transformed her and allowed her to connect to social media anytime she wants to. Moreover, the local 2G network could be utilized much more and the Internet Explorer loaded the web pages a lot faster than my Dad's Galaxy SIII. In fact  he was amazed too. He often told me -- "It's so smooth but why does my phone lag so much". I replied with a grin he would never forget in his life. ;)

So, here's the first Windows Phone of our family. I do hope to give a review of it soon as the cultural fest will give me sometime to get back to blogging. I really hope you guys would soon see another one sometime by the end of November when it's my turn to greet Windows Phone to my life. As always, it's designed for each of us.