Adios Bangalore, Hello blogger!

Salve amici,

Have been away for quite a few days and I'm sorry for that. I've had a jolly of a time at Bangalore with my family and it was fantastic. And due to my busy days at school, I couldn't put myself up and start blogging again. But back now, atleast for a while I suppose.

The IBM Bangalore campus. It's way bigger than I imagined and yet it's incomplete.

Anyways, in short -- Bangalore is amazing but there is a far icognito side of the city most of you who haven't been there mustn't have heard. Whenever Bangalore is pronounced, our mind is dwelled with beautiful buildings, tall and some short, people running here and there, cars zooming across the streets but that's just a small picture. There's a deeper side of Bangalore which I experienced myself and it's near terrible. The city is at the center and is far away from the whole place itself.

The Orion Mall. It's small but not for me. Spent around 5 hours yet never finished it.

When you enter Bangalore, you are greeted with small buildings, a cluster of them just like a miniature version of Brazil and some even worse, like slums. There, people live quitely, hidden away from the heart of the Bangalore where the giant city lies. Here, people are poor, lives very poor lives and some haven't seen the town itself! I felt pity of the govt. who is so busy investing in the metro railway and other infrastructure while the main part of bangalore is thriving under poverty. I couldn't see any upbringing or project by the govt. for these people and these people have no idea about this. Well, I'm not going further there anymore as I may at someday post my experience at Bangaluru.

That's me. :)
Anyways, the city was fun, did some shopping and saw many stuff, especially tech as the city is the 'Electronics city' of India. Well, fun anyway. I'm looking forward to do some posts on Windows 8 as it has arrived today. Boy-oh-boy! What a pomp and show it was and I always wished I could be there celebrating the launch. Well, I'm celebrating either way. Windows 8 is here and surely, a new generation of devices have already sprouted up. We'll bee seeing them in the markets starting from today. And Windows Phone 8 is coming due October 29. While going to gaming, it's Assassin's Creed III all the way as what could be this year's most anticipated game is just a few days away for it's mega launch. PC lovers would want to wait as it's postponed to middle of November.

Anyways, that's that. I'll be posting more, keeping you updated as much as I can. I hope you won't quit watching my blog. Stay tuned.