Introducing the 'Code' section

I had dreamt of it for a long time and now, that dream is finally alive. Today, I'm glad to introduce a new section to my tech blog for amateur programmers like me, for small developers and for all the techies out there to whom, this may be of help someday.

Introducing -- Code; a new and open area for budding programmers like me and for amateur devs where I share the many aspects of programming I've learnt so far and of those I'm learning right now. It may not be elaborate as you may have seen in some other websites built for enthusiasts and it's not yet a page like those but if my spirit can move up, it may even be like one of those someday. I've always wanted to add an area for coding but I wasn't yet ready to share as I've learnt so little of the vast field of programming. Even now, I have learnt just HTML, a quarter of CSS, C and C++. Of these, I'm learning C++ as I haven't finished it yet -- classes and files remain but I'm pretty sure I figured out all the rest portions and for the past weeks, I've been in intense coding with what I've learnt so far.

So, that's just it. But I hope to add more when I get deeper into programming aspects and learn more languages as I'd be familiar with more programmes of different types by that time. As for now, I decided to start with C++. But it's not a sequential one as it'd need lot of work to upload them one by one from the beginning. Whenever I find a program interesting and which I created that'd be resourceful for others, I'd definitely upload them to the blog. So, from now on, I'd be posting some interesting programmes, coding tips and maybe even tuts of stuff I've learnt so far, all based on C++. I hope my keen readers would check it out and give feedbacks to my programmes.

If you are in need of any program, do post it in our forums and if I'm capable, I will definitely put up the program you requested for. Also, if you are having interesting programs with you that can be helpful, you can share them too via the forums. I hope great feedbacks from you guys.