Redirect naked domains to your website in Blogger

Hi everybody!

Due to the recent Blogger maintenance, new bugs have stopped popping up in blogger. So, many of you having a custom domain would be having trouble setting up their domain once again. One among the main bugs I and several people encountered was that they couldn't redirect their naked domains to their website. Naked domains are the domains without the "www" part, i.e, instead of Blogger has an inbuilt option to do this just under the domain-switching panel. But for some obvious reasons, this isn't working any more. So, if you are one among those people who're thinking if there's an alternate way to do this, this post is for you.

We can achieve this using Google Apps and if you have access to your DNS management panel of your registrar, i.e, the place where you add the custom DNS records. You must've done this when you first tried to switch to a custom domain, i.e, by adding A records and CNAME records. So, let's start doing it!
  1. First of all, go and update all your DNS settings if you haven't yet. The new Blogger requires you to add an extra CNAME and you can view the settings under the domain-switching panel for your registrar. Do add all the records Blogger mentions in there, especially the A-records as these are the ones you need to redirect your naked domain to your own domain.
  2. Go to Google Apps. Create an account if you haven't and just go through the setup and voila. Once you have access to your Google Apps account, click on Domain Settings tab.
  3. In Domain Settings, click on the Domain Names tab. Select change redirect which appears on the left of your domain name, i.e,
  4. Enter "www" in the box without quotes. Click continue and skip the next part as you've already done adding the A-records.
Click on the image to enlarge it to see comfortably.
That's it! Now, your naked domain would automatically redirect to your original domain. Easy, wasn't it? Google Apps is a great tool and it is a really must one for all with a custom domain. You can even setup a custom email ID for your website and it also has many other tools that'll increase the productivity of your website. Thus, with Google Apps, site management is much more easier.

Anyways, I hope you fixed your problem with that. Note that if you just added the A-records, then it'll take a day or so to get the DNS to working and that'd depend on your registrar. So, once your settings are live, follow the above steps and it'd definitely work for ya. If you're having any trouble, feel free to comment below. Do rate the post and I expect feedbacks from y'all. :)