Back to blogging again!

Hi everybody!

It's been a long time since my hands went through the keys again. Well, lot to tell ya, folks. Still, I was running out of time -- due to my studies, projects and other personal stuff. I planned to start it again a little earlier but I got my path blocked due to some obvious reasons.

First of all, Blogger was the main trouble. I'm pretty sure all the bloggers who're reading this and who owns a custom domain know what I'm talking about. Due to the apparent shutdown of Blogger for maintenance a few weeks ago, my blog was down. Well, it wasn't down like that. See, the thing is -- it's not a total shutdown and some of you bloggers who depends on the blogspot sub-domain are confused on what I'm talking here. See, it was the custom-domain rerouting feature of Blogger that was down for the past few weeks. Well, you know Blogger can allow you to forward your custom domain to your blog, right? Due to lack of security, Blogger put the custom-domain switching feature to maintenance for a few weeks which they said would last for just a few "hours".

Well, since I was out with my studies for a few days, I didn't knew what was going on. When I later found out, it was horrendous to see that my Sabernova was showing a 404 error all the time. And much more shock was added when I later found out a hacker friend of mine messed up with my domain while I was out! Damn, I thought I had lost it all. But when I later checked, his exploit was partially blocked and he was going to reverse that effect. Well, by the time, Blogger switched off the domain functions. And now, I thought I really, lost it all.

Well, I had to wait for weeks but I was quite relieved when I heard the same problem exists for many bloggers. So, it was a common bug. And just a few days ago, the domain switching was back on. And now, a new CNAME record is to be added in order to make it reroute to my blog. Thus, I had to change DNS settings on my registrar's website to make it work again and this took another week.

Finally, when I was happy that the domain with the www name did reroute to my blog. But I faced yet another issue. The naked domain, i.e, still had the 404 error. With my past experience with blogger, I knew very well there existed a checkbox below the domain settings to do this. But whenever I check this and click save and come back and check the settings again, it remained unchecked. I was so puffed up this time. And I had to find a fix for this without relying on the buggy blogger interface. Finally, I got it work through the settings in my google apps account. And so, Sabernova was finally back online.

Besides these, it was exam days for me for the past two weeks. And due to the heat, I couldn't get around with my computer and my tech life. But now, exams finally got over and it's back to the usual self. Had pretty good exams but lacks more practice. Need to better it next time. There's a lot to talk about, I must tell ya. Will be back to blogging and will be exploring all the events I missed during those times, the present and will discuss on the future.

So, keep in touch. Adios.