Onam Wishes from Sabernova

Let's get this straight first. I'm already too late and I was dumb to post this so late. But anyway, leave that. I Wish all my readers a happy and prosperous Onam. :)

And for my 'never before met' readers, Onam is the traditional and main festival for all Keralites here. It's known as the festival of flowers and I'm sure you guys are already familiar with similar festivals around the world. I heard about them too, some similar ones in Europe. Well, that's what Onam is. The day where all rejoice with fun and fair.

For me, it was an Onam just like the same before. Me, my sister and two cousins put together a wonderful small flower carpet or 'Pookkalam' out of the flowers which we got. We bought fairly few flowers unlike last year since 'unexpected' conditions forced us to celebrate it with less joy. But still, we made the most out of it. We also picked up a few types from the nearby gardens and finally, put together a nice, simple and small Pookkalam which looked fairly beautiful and we were exceptionally satisfied.

My sissie dressing up our small yet beautiful 'Pookkalam'. Ain't that a beauty?
Other than that, we had a small 'Onasadya', the lunch of Onam day with special dishes including puddings which were undoubtedly tasty. Although we didn't celebrate it much, the locals celebrated it with much bash and joy and boy oh boy, what a crowd it was at the town. People rush to markets to buy flowers and other items. The whole town was dressed up in flowers, it seems.

But anyway, that was that. An Onam like any other, no new stuff to share with unfortunately. That's all folks. Once again, greets to all and wish you a happy Onam and great days ahead. Oh and in our most favourite malayalam language -- "Ellaavarkkum Hridayam Niranja Onasamsakal." :)