Apple's win over Samsung: Should you care?

The Digital World War has finally come to an end with an enormous victory for Apple knocking out Samsung highly. Sheesh! Even I was bored with all the court rulings and stuff but I rather expected a neutral result that'd benefit both sides. But once again, Apple showed it wanted justice. What Apple said at the court, was absolutely true in my humble opinion. And with that fancy images showing Samsung's transformations on the Smartphones and Tablets showed that it looked very similar to Apple products which led to the serious dispute among the two. So, Samsung's going down and Apple has a go. The judgement seriously affected the tech giant as it lost $12Bn of market share today.

So, do you, the consumer need to care about the final verdicts of this glorious battle between the titans? Well, you seriously need to. As you must be quite aware, Samsung is now the global leader in the Smartphone and Tablet market and is the most popular brand for about two years putting Apple and others back. And for instance, there is a chance that you, the reader must be owning a Samsung product. Well, if you are or not, you must care this final verdict as this can cause a lot of anomalies in the digital world in the coming days. I'll briefly commence you through the factors you should be aware of in the coming few days.

I'm a newbie. What's this all about?

Patent wars of course! This has been quite a tradition for every tech giant out there and they find pleasure ditching other companies of their titles. This time, it was between Samsung and Apple. Apple claimed that Samsung had copied all their design and tech in building their 'not so smart' devices. Samsung counterfeited by claiming that Apple has illegally copied their Wireless tech. In the end, after about a week, the 9 Jury court declared Apple the winner and asked Samsung to hand over $1Bn to Apple for their violation of the Apple patents.

So, what's next for Apple?

The War hasn't been officially over as of yet. With a first head-on win over Samsung, Apple will again persuade Samsung to claim more justice. In Apple's next move, Apple will increase the pay they would receive from Samsung, from $1Bn to about $3Bn, which is more than serious for Samsung. Moreover, if they win the next few judgments, a lot of Samsung devices are going to be banned entirely from the US -- including the most famous Galaxy S Phones and Galaxy Tab range. But recently, it has been confirmed that Samsung has won the Tablet war. So, the smartphone decision is still left to judge.

What about Samsung?

As of now, Samsung is lost in thoughts. It has been recently reported that Samsung has expressed it's loss to all the workers across the globe. Samsung will move up the case to higher courts in hopes of finding some justice for them so that they can keep their hold intact. However, Apple remains strong and the proofs they have is far more enough to ditch Apple. Still, they have quite won the Tablet sector.

Which Samsung devices are to be affected?

Well, a series of Samsung devices including the Galaxy Phones and Galaxy Tabs will be affected. This includes the infamous Galaxy SII. Here are a list of 8 devices that Apple seeks to ban from the US:
  • Galaxy S 4G 
  • Galaxy S2 AT&T 
  • Galaxy S2 
  • Galaxy S2 T-Mobile 
  • Galaxy S2 Epic 4G 
  • Galaxy S Showcase 
  • Droid Charge 
  • Galaxy Prevail
The devices which violated Apple's patents are a lot more but these are the main devices which seriously violated the Apple patents.

Will Android be affected?

Why not? From now on, every single Android manufacturer will have to worry about Apple and other companies. Not only Samsung but according to Apple, a lot more Android manufacturers are still tackling with the patents earned by Apple. But Samsung, was the main prey for Apple as their fall can bring serious profits to Apple. The verdict of this judgement brings epic failure to Android and the community. From now on, Android should be very serious in order to keep up their stronghold in the business.

What about others -- Windows Phones and Blackberry?

Well, Apple hasn't filed any complaints against these two guys. Moreover, Apple praised Nokia for not being another 'iPhone' and 'keeping it's unique design'. In fact, Apple expressed it's love for the Windows Phones recently too.

The fall of Android has gained much more for these two, especially Windows Phones. Nokia's shares rose pretty high in the last few days after the verdict of the court while Samsung fell to the least in about 4 years. Blackberry anyways has a little hold in the market but this verdict can bring bigger hopes to Nokia and Windows Phones in the coming future.

Will there be any problem if I buy a Samsung product which violated Apple's patents?

Well, if you are from USA, yes. Otherwise, No. If court agrees to Apple's requests, some of the Samsung devices including the Galaxy SII will be banned from the US. So, you cannot buy it anymore or won't be expecting any support from the company in the future. All Samsung can do, is to fold hands and pray or bring some innovation to the market so that it won't get trapped in Apple's booby traps next time.

For outsiders, this won't affect you all, as for yet. But if Apple can get this issue to be an international one, then expect most of your favourite Samsung devices to get banned. It can happen if Apple is victorious in it's next few courts.

So, should you need to go for Android or switch to Apple/Windows Phone?

Well, for me, this was a lame case. I mean, when you start fighting like this, for all the patents and stuff, this would break down the smartphone era for real. If they start fighting for even minor issues, then this tech world will be unstable. You can surely fight if someone copied your work on a large-scale but the case between these two guys, were economically and technically senseless.

Samsung and Apple were two different guys, both making it's own stand in it's own way for the record. Moreover, one is Android which is the people's favourite as of now and the other one, offering luxury and pride. Both are amazing devices and I don't want to see them fighting senselessly like this. People should get to decide their fates. Android has supported a lot in this world and were the key people behind revolutionizing smartphone in the world while Apple paid visits to millionaires and billionaires. Android bought the concept of affordable gadgets to the world and I'm so respectful towards the Android community for that.

For me, I support Windows Phones as I'm addicted to it's uniqueness and the fact that it's Microsoft and Windows team. But Android shouldn't be simply broken down to pieces for such silly cases. All should have their vote and must decide which must stand and which must fall. Rest depends on the people. More than that, how can ordinary people know whether their phone has copied the other not? See, it's the people here who must suffer for the aftermaths of these cases. So, don't make them suffer and provide them a rich technically developed atmosphere to breath on.

And not to mention, the next move will be that of Android's.

Next time, while buying a Samsung smartphone, think once or twice as you don't know what's gonna happen in the coming few days. Also, keep an eye out for the news in the coming few days. You can of course buy Windows Phones and others without fear and I promise you that. For Windows Phones are really great and can do every thing you want to in a simple yet advanced environment. As always, like Windows Phones, others must be aware to 'Put People First'. :)

So, what do you think? Should patent wars exist? Should Samsung be banned or do you fell Samsung is a copycat? If you like my opinion, do express it by rating this post. If you have your own views, please don't hesitate to express it through the comment box below. Thank you! :)