Windows Phone Summit: No upgrades for current Windows Phones

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Have a look at the improvised Metro UI on Windows Phone 8.
A huge expectation finally ended in bitter disappointment, as foretold, today at Microsoft's Windows Phone Summit in San Fransico.

Just as everyone predicted, including me, Microsoft officially announced that there won't be any Windows Phone 8 upgrade for the current Windows Phone devices, even for the Lumia 900. The reasons are genuine, as Windows Phone 8 packs a lot of features that the current Mango devices can't handle.
Windows Phone 8 event is being carried out right now, in San Fransico and this is the first news I'm getting from the internet. The possibility might be the new version's support for multi-core processors and other essential hardware that the Mango devices lack. Truth to be told, the possibility is very rare, that a Windows Phone 8 with multi-core support couldn't be bundled to single core devices -- and it was well predicted.

But current Windows Phone owners can relieve on the news that although you guys wont be getting the Windows Phone 8, Microsoft's rolling out a Windows Phone 7.8 update that will bring the new homescreen and some other features to your device. That'd make a partial Windows Phone 8 experience for the current users.

The event has already begun in San Fransico and Microsoft unveiled the Windows Phone 8 and it's features. But since it's late night, sadly, I can only come back and post on my blog about the whole event tomorrow morning. Anyways, if you're seeing this, you might wanna check out CNET, engadget or other sites to get more info, news and live stream of what's happening at San Fransico.