Everything you need to know about Windows Phone 8

Now here's something that'd please both the smartphone lovers and the Windows fans out there. Microsoft, last Tuesday, unveiled Windows Phone 8, the successor of the Windows Phone family of Operating Systems. And along with the big reveal, came a lot of awesome and cool features enough to make it, a true competitor to the Android and iOS 6. So, I'm gonna tell you some of the main and the important changes and features that comes with Windows Phone 8.
Firstly, Windows Phone 8 now supports multi-core processors. That'd mean high performance Smartphones in the Windows Phone family to compete with the Android knights and the silent warrior from Apple, the iPhone. This was a well predicted feature of WP8 and now, it's official. Qualcomm recently confirmed that Snapdragon S4 Plus chips would be powering most of the Windows Phone devices. Multi-core support is a huge advantage for Windows Phones as it'd enable more and more powerful apps, tools and games to Windows Phones, very much as you'd experience in the current PCs. More screen resolutions are available in WP8. These include three new resolutions: WVGA (800x480 pixels), WXVGA (1280x768), and "True 720p" (1280x720).

Windows Phone 8

Along with that, Microsoft co-director, Joe Belfiore said that both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 share the same native code including the file system, networking stack, security model, media pipeline, device drives, networking, and graphics codes. This will enable the developers to create apps easily on Windows 8 and port them to Windows Phone 8, reducing the hardwork. Thus, developers can easily create and put up apps on Windows devices. The code for IE10, the upcoming version of Internet Explorer will also be similar on Windows 8 and WP8.

The best thing I found was Microsoft finally adding microSD support for Windows Phones. This was a most-wanted feature and I'm glad it finally came up now. Joe said that they delayed support until they reached a stage where the expandable memory will be fully compatible with the smartphones. Now, that stage has reached. So, your Windows Phone 8 devices would be having microSD slots through which you can expand the memory.
The new Metro UI is sexy and you know it.
Windows Phone 8 has an improved Metro UI screen adding more beauty and colours to the screen. The new screen is way too sexy and you'll love it when you see it. More colours will be available to the live tiles and they can also be personalized with more size options for the tiles. Thus, Windows Phone 8 bring with it, a more customizable appearence and this would sound great for all the fans out there. The new Metro UI is an important aspect of the OS. Joe even referred the live tiles as the heart and soul of Windows Phones. Yeah, it's the special thing that seperates Windows Phones from the rest.

Support for NFC is another important feature allowing Microsoft to create it's own wallet and mobile payments experience. Microsoft is going after Google and Apple with plans for an app that will both facilitate tap-to-pay and store information, passport style. Chase will be one partner. I also heard that all the information of your card will be saved not on your device, but on your SIM card making the data more mobile when you switch devices. It's another plus point in WP8.

Microsoft finally ditched the Bing Maps and it's Nokia Maps that'd navigate the users in Windows Phone 8. The turn-by-turn navigation and offline Maps make it the best choice on Windows Phone devices. Nokia Maps is the leading Maps tool and the inclusion of Nokia Maps is a big advantage for Windows Phone 8. Still, it lacks 3D Navigation.
Nokia Maps is a better option than the Bing Maps. Navigation is much more easy now.
Other features include VoIP integration, C,++ support for app development, More security, seamless NFC transfers and PC connectivity, In-app purchases and more. Truly, Windows Phone 8 has appeased all the crowd in San Fransico. It's truly a remarkable piece of software and it's awesome in every corner. Microsoft finally came up with a mobile OS people had been waiting for. Windows Phone 8 devices will reach the markets by this fall. Unfortunately, current Windows Phones cannot upgrade to WP8 due to the lack of multi-cores, but they can relive on the news that there'd be a 7.8 update that'll bring some features of Windows Phone 8 to Windows Phone Mango devices that includes the new Metro UI. So, you can sit tight and wait for that and when Windows Phone 8 devices come out, maybe even buy one at that time.

So, finally, from my part, I believe the Windows Phone 8 is a winner and is way more bigger than I expected. With a lot of new features, it's the coolest mobile OS I've ever seen. Even with the iOS 6, I feel the WP8 has a greater advantage. But let's wait and see what the first WP8 devices can offer. Who'll win the smartphone wars?

Also, do tell me what you think about the Windows Phone 8? Did you like it or prefer Android or iOS 6 over the WP8? Do comment below and tell me your opinion.