What to expect for tomorrow's Microsoft event?

Will the rumoured Microsoft Tablet be an 'iPad Killer'?
With all the rumours and speculations in the air, Microsoft will be holding an event in Los Angeles, tomorrow and is expected to unveil a lot of cool stuff, including it's very own tablet.

You must've heard the rumours days ago, since Microsoft first announced the 18 June event. Almost in every corner, people are very much sure of a Microsoft Tablet to rise in the event. But, as usual, no confirmations yet. Many days ago, rumours spread around the internet that Microsoft's got it's own tablet to compete with the iPad, and it's really an iPad Killer tablet. Not so easy there. An iPad Killer tablet, is not something easy to come by. For years, iPad has been the leader of all tablet PCs and is still the current topper. Even though, Android still has a lead, it never got a chance to beat the iPad in a single year. In between Android and Apple, a new competitor with Windows OS, and that too, Microsoft's very own tablet. It'd take much more than 'that' to overcome the high-king of the tablets.
Leave the fancy rumour stuff aside. Some almost-confirmed things includes the Windows Phone 8 announcement. Microsoft had before, announced that it'd unveil the successor of the Windows Phone family, the Windows Phone 8 codenamed Apollo. Windows Phone 8 is said to have multi-core support and is expected to be a tough competitor to Android and iOS. We'd also be knowing whether, the current handsets running Windows Mango would also receive an update to WP8 tomorrow.

And I believe Microsoft would also bring out some updates on Windows 8, as the release date gets nearer and nearer. Why, maybe the giant would even release Windows 8 tomorrow! Who knows?

So, the Microsoft Tablet's the current discussion area. Well, I'd love one and I've expected for one years before. I love Windows, and I don't care what the people and facts say. It maybe weak now, for mobile devices but the concept of PCs came to life with Windows. Even you should be reading this on your Windows PC. Must note that Windows is still the leader of all OS'. The fact that it is way back in the mobile platform maybe a fact, but that doesn't mean Windows Phone is just a 'good for nothing' OS. It has got it's own capabilities and where could you find a more beautiful UI than the Metro? It's just swish and flicks than searching here and there. The only thing Windows lags is popularity. The number of apps doesn't counts. And.... well, I don't want to debate on this topic in this post. Maybe, I'd make up one when I have free time.

Anyways, all eyes on tomorrow's big event. Would we see the beginning of a next era of Tablet PCs or would it be just another Vista?