Microsoft unveils Surface Tablets breaking the tradition

Surface is all about colours, and it's your pick too.
All the widespread speculations and rumours have finally come to an end which was well predicted. At Los Angeles, yesterday, Microsoft finally came up with a device to appeal all the fans awaiting the final judgement, Microsoft's own 'Surface' Tablets.

This also marks the breaking of a long tradition of Microsoft, in not entering the hardware field. Microsoft broke all its customs by unveiling it's own, Windows 8 powered 'Surface' Tablets and marked the battle against Apple's iPad. Here, in India, the event started by about early morning. I was awake almost all the time, with a great anxiety to see what'd come up from the software giant this time. And the rumours and speculations proved to be true. Although, hours before the event, it was pretty sure that a tablet is going to come out of the show, but a documentation revealed that Microsoft had a tablet in mind, which was in fact going to be an Xbox controller. The name of the tablet, was given the 'Xbox Surface'. Though what finally came out, never had an Xbox with it.
Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, unveiling Surface at Los Angeles.
Surface was previously associated with another Microsoft technology, featuring computers that came in the size of tables and could do a lot of thing making everything, much easier. Now, it's renamed to Microsoft PixelSense and Surface came to be the name of the all new tablets. The new Surface Tablets are really an amazing stuff filled with a lot of features. Though there weren't much details about the tablet from the event, Microsoft later gave out a spec sheet showing the basic features. The tablet comes in two models, a Windows RT version called the Surface and a Windows 8 version named the Surface Pro.

As said, the base of Surface is Windows RT. For Surface models, the memory ranges from 32GB-64GB and includes a microSD slot which I found as a plus point as Windows Phones never came out with one(I worried it'd be absent). It's a key advantage over the Apple's iPad. It has a 10.6" HD ClearType display. The Surface is much thinner and weighs less compared to the Surface Pro. It weights just about 676g and has a 9.3mm thickness, slightly thinner but weightier than the iPad. Recently, Nvidia confirmed that Surface will have the GPU giant's Tegra 3+ processor for fast work and smoother play. There are two camera, front and rear, and a kickstand for seamless video calling and conferencing. The tablet also supports WiFi and has a USB 2.0 and a mini HDMI port. A thin 3mm Touch Cover keyboard developed by Microsoft is very handy for those who loves a keyboard. Type Covers are also available for those who prefer a different colour.
Surface tablets also comes with a kickstand, a Touch Cover keyboard unbelievably thin and you can choose colours by getting Type Covers.
The Surface Pro is much weightier and thicker than the Surface and the iPad. It weighs nearly 903g and has thickness of 13.5mm. The Surface Pro is powered by a Quad-Core Intel i5 processor, for bulkier works and the smoothest play. The memory ranges from 64GB-128GB and a microSDXC to add more memory. Basically, it's the champion Surface Tablet which suits for people who wants to do the same old stuff along with the new stuff with the Windows Tablets. The Surface Pro has a Mini Display Port and a USB 3.0 Port for faster data transfer. The Surface Pro has a 10.6" Full HD ClearType display and other specs match the ones in Surface tablets. Additionally, it includes what is called a Pen (I guess a stylus) with Palm Block as given in the spec sheet.

Much details are not yet available but thank gosh, the wait's finally over. From the first impressions, it's one hell of a tablet but as of now, it's unable to predict whether the Surface has a chance of coming into power. Many analysts currently believe that Microsoft took the wrong move, upsetting it's Hardware partners. Since it has finally came back to the hardware playground, it's not possible what the software giant might be planning next. The fear that's killing me hangs upon the queston whether Microsoft will finally turn into another Apple. I have high hopes it won't.

It's colourful and it's funky. But is it enough to overthrow the iPad?
I'll try to get more updates and details on the Surface tablets on my later posts. But it's a moment to cherish first, for the Microsoft fans. Don't know how Apple's feeling about this news. Meanwhile, be sure to check out the funky Surface Ad below. You can also view the keynotes from Microsoft Surface Event at Windows Newsroom.