'iPad Killer' tablet from Microsoft to be announced on Monday

Microsoft's own Windows Tablet, an iPad Killer? Sounds cool.
Heard the new rumours? Microsoft's planning a special event on the coming Monday, 18 June. And the rumours are, Microsoft's going to announce an 'iPad Killer' Tablet the very same day. That's right, Microsoft's own Windows Tablet.

Before going excited or leave this topic, let me remind you that it's just a rumour. Although everyone's talking about it, nothing's sure about it now. Meanwhile, days ago, Microsoft planned to conduct another event where they were expected to unveil the Windows Phone 8, codenamed 'Apollo'. Well, maybe, this event may include that too, unveiling the successor of Windows Phone OS (I don't think there'd a seperate event too soon after 18 June, Microsoft should be nuts to do that!). So, there's a lot to expect from the coming days.
Microsoft's own Windows Tablet would mean a lot to all Windows fans out there. Not only Windows fans, but each and every gizmo loving persons. An iPad Killer, would require something more than special. All of you must be aware of the fact that iPad is the #1 guy out here. So, to beat such a muscle would require something more than just muscles. The specs always don't matter. But such a tablet should be superfast and super-smooth to handle. Windows 8 is the perfect OS for touch-screen devices and a Windows tablet would be sweet, but must be prepared for anything against the iPad. And if there's one, let's hope it's not another Windows RT device.

So, as of now, there are no more details about this event or rumour. I hope this would be a fact because for ages, I've always wanted to see a tablet that could overthrow the iPad and ever since hearing of Windows 8, I hoped for such a tablet, maiden by Microsoft themselves. Let's hope it won't be a rumour for too long.

Anyways, all eyes will be on 18 June. Let's hope Microsoft to crash the Apple party. Will get you guys posted with more updates soon.
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Note: Windows RT means Windows RunTime. Well, it's just another version of Windows 8 just for tablets. But the thing is, unlike the original Windows 8, it can just install apps from Windows Marketplace. No other stuff. (And did I told you I used to hate it?).