PureView 808 debuts in India. Worth the wait?

The PureView is finally in India. Credit: NDTV.
Finally, the much anticipated Smartphone camera king is here. Nokia launched the PureView 808 in India today and is available with a Best Buy price of Rs. 33,899 from today onwards in the Indian Market.

To describe in short, The Nokia PureView 808 has a 4-inch AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla Glass. It runs on the latest Symbian Belle OS and has a 1.3GHz single core processor and has a seperate processor to power up the camera. It packs a 512MB RAM in it's slim body and has a 16GB internal memory which is expandable upto 32GB.
Other than the camera, the PureView also has Dolby Surround 5.1 which gives a better cinematic and music experience to the phone. The phone's sound system is designed with Dolby which makes listening to music enjoyable on the phone. So, the PureView has one more feature to boast for -- The sound system. Nokia's also bundling a Dolby Headphone with the PureView. Other than that, the phone comes with Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, GPS and AGPS and USB On the Go.
41MP is a lot, lot bigger for a smartphone. Nokia's bought the theory to life. Credit: CNET.
So, the most anticipated and the famous feature is it's powerful camera. A 41MP camera designed by Nokia  with the award winning Nokia PureView Pro Imaging Technology with Carl Zeiss Optics revolutionizing the Smartphone Imaging in the world. So, the biggest question is, was it worth it?

Well, I haven't seen a PureView yet since it just made it's debut today. But AFAIK from other sites and trusted reviews, the camera is strong and a beast itself. I got a look at the comparison between photos taken with a PureView 808 and the stalwart of mobile photography, the iPhone 4S. Comparing the images, the PureView didn't fail. The results shows that PureView has better Zoom and can take images much better than the iPhone 4S. It also showed that the images with PureView has less noise than the ones with the iPhone 4S. The camera has a wider field of view compared with the iPhone 4S.

The image comparison was conducted by CNET UK, so thanks to the guys for the lovely comparison. It showed a more wider difference between the two imaging technologies. According to CNET,

"The snaps certainly show more detail in the PureView's photos, which also has a wider field of view. But the iPhone has more sophisticated high dynamic range built-in, and more vibrant colours."

PureView 808 images are less noisier compared to the iPhone 4S and has a wider field of view. Credit: CNET Asia.
You can check out the full image-to-image comparison from CNET Asia here. Clearly, the PureView 808 is a winner, but in the case of imaging and sound experience. Considering the specs and OS, Nokia's got to go a long way to reach the current competitiors. Now you can decide, whether to buy the camera giant for the finest images, or to wait till a better version of the same phone debuts.

Also, check out a hands-on video of the PureView 808 from CNET UK.