What to expect at WWDC '12

Would it be worth the wait?

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC, San Francisco, CA is just ahead. Starting from June 11, this is the big event where Apple is expected to come out with most awaited gadgets and stuff including the iPhone 5 and MacBooks with Retina Display. Sounds cool...

There has been rumours and speculations about an iPhone 5 months ago, bigger and better than ever. Anyways, the iPhone 5 is expected to come out this year itself. iPhone 5 is on the top list among the stuff that Apple's going to unveil at this year's WWDC. As per now, there is no valid explanations about what iPhone 5 will be capable of, about the specs and the kind of stuff it'll be packed with. Frankly, I'm not an Apple fan and I go with Windows. Still, I too have expectations on the iPhone 5. For years, iPhone has been the game-changer for Apple, reasonable for all it's achievement. The next version of such a device would mean a lot for the company, and for the fans. Currently, Android has the lead in the overall Smartphone market after Apple's fall. Still, it's not far behind Android. If the iPhone 5 succeeds, then Apple can still hold onto the Smartphone wars. Failure is not an option for Apple with iPhone. Either way, iPhone decides the fate of Apple.

Yup, Apple's all set to start the show.

According to gamengguide, "Apple's iPhone 5 is expected to come with larger retina display, possibly a 4-inch IPS touchscreen with features like 4G LTE connectivity powered by a 1.5 GHz quadcore A6 processor along with 1GB or RAM and retina display of 1280 x 720 resolutions. It will also include  Near Field Communication (NFC) technology".

The next thing is, the iOS 6. It's been rumoured and now confirmed. The next version of Apple's own OS for mobile platforms. iOS 6 is expected to be out for iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4. I'm not sure about the older ones, but I believe that's the deadline. Apple promises that the iOS 6 will pack a lot of features and along with a stability update for Siri, Apple's Voice AI. Apple also said it'd feature Apple 3D Maps, Apple's own Maps and Guidance to rival Google Maps.

Yeah, I really want to see that happen.

Another key feature is still remaining. Apple is going to unveil a MacBook with a Retina Display. This really caught my eyes. According to me, Apple holds the best ever display tech I've ever seen. Apple's Retina Display is one of the key tech which holds the key to the success of iDevices. Retina Display would make the MacBook more beautiful than any other mobile PC out there and it tops my list of 'most-awaited stuff at WWDC '12'. Some of the OSX apps also got updated to include 'Retina Graphics'. It'd be the coolest thing to expect at WWDC. Apple is also expected to unveil Mountain Lion, the newest Mac OS.

"Apple has also supported a "HiDPI" display mode for some time now in Mac OSX Lion and Mountain Lion. Apps like Air Display have already been updated to support HiDPI mode, which would technically make them "Retina Display ready" as well," reports VentureBeat.

I'm not much excited about WWDC, of course, I'm not an Apple fan. Still, I don't feel there's much to see in WWDC. The only things I'd like to see is the Retina powered Macbook and an iPhone which would drop my jaws to the floor. Once, Apple was the only giant smartphone maker in the industry and was ranked #1 but ever since Jobs left, I could only see a ship which is sinking day by day. One of my friend told me a couple of weeks ago, 'Cook and crew will make it'. Yeah, it's upto Cook and Crew. WWDC will mark the fate of Apple, for sure, I believe. iPhone is all that's left for them. Yeah, iPad's there too, but the Phone comes first.

Whatever the rumours and speculations say, I am expecting to see an iDevice with a 'Steve' brains in it, not another metal piece.