OTA RootKeeper App for Android

Couple of days ago, the ICS update for Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note were released in India. Initially, it was just a Kies update, but later, OTA too came along. A lot of my friends called me and said they weren't able to do the OTA with their 'rooted' phones.

The thing is, OTA is not always possible on rooted devices, whether it be a smartphone or a tablet. Even if it's available, updating a rooted device can brick your device. This is because, root users already know that they have to install the recovery in order to root the phone. OTA updates are mostly designed to match with the manufacturer's original recovery. So, when it detects an unknown recovery, it either fails or says 'update not available'. So, to do the update, the first and the most important task is to unroot the app.
There are the traditional unroot methods available for your device but nowdays, a lot of 'UnRoot' apps are also available in the Play Store. But most of them are not so trustworthy or as simple as the OTA RootKeeper.

The OTA RootKeeper app is a free app in the Play Store which will 'temporarily' unroot your device and thus, allowing you to install the updates. What keep it's unique is it's option to 'backup' your root so that once you install the updates, you can have the root back with just a single button click. That's it, device rooted again! AFAIK, there's no other app with such functionalities to backup your root.

One touch root backup and Restore Root are unique features.

It's a must have app for Android users and it works for almost all devices. It's simple to use. Just install it and choose to backup the root and it's done. Sometimes, even if the Root's installed, the OTA update maybe available but the better way is to unroot and do the update. Even if the OTA installed fine on a rooted device, you'll definitely lose root access after the update. OTA RootKeeper can do this for you too. You can also remove the root and after the OTA, reinstall the root.

I've tried it with my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and some friends' devices and it worked perfectly on their devices. I did uninstall the root though. You must note that there maybe times when this app won't work. In such cases, the traditional unroot the method is the only guaranteed way if you really want to update your device. But AFAIK, It works on almost any Android device out there! So, those who're having problems in updating, do try this free app.