So, what's inside iOS 6?

iOS 6 is packed with fresh new features including a whole new and better Siri.
Woo! iOS 6 is finally revealed, bringing a ton of new features to iPhone. iOS 6 was revealed yesterday, at San Francisco in one of the biggest Apple events.

Well, obviously, I was never there. But I've got a glimpse at the live footage and saw the whole event. What disappointed me though, there was no clue about the next iPhone (I was sure they'd skip). But the iOS 6 was catchy. It's nice to hear that iOS 6 will boast a lot of new features, about 200 of them. Major ones include 3D Mapping, Turn-by-Turn navigation, Integrated Facebook photo sharing, and oh! Of course, an improved Siri with Eyes Free voice-control integration in certain cars as another new selling point.

These are just some of the many features iOS 6 boasts. However, iOS 6's many features can sure compete with Google's Android 4.0 ICS, but overtakes Windows Phone 7.5. While iOS 6's new features are already present in most of the Android features and some others still left to come soon, Windows Phone is far behind these two OS. So, Windows Phone 8 needs to have more muscle to beat the both the giants.

iOS 6 update will be available for iPhone 3GS and above models. It'll also include the new update to Siri making it more stable and user-friendly.

There wasn't any iPhone 5 announcement however, according to many sources, the next iPhone is expected come by early September. Well, it's sure to have iOS 6 inside it.

Before leaving this article, check out this video footage of iOS 6 features from WWDC posted by CNET.

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