Microsoft and Apple, two of the titans of the computer industry have already shown off their latest tech over the past few weeks. Now, the stage is set for Google. At Google I/O which will kick off today, 27th June at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, fans and devs are expecting some big announcements from the search giant, the most important ones being the Android Jelly Bean and the Nexus 7 Tablet. So, before the event kicks off, let me tell ya guys what to expect for today's event after all the rumours and speculations. Here are a few things to expect for Google I/O.

Android Jelly Bean (4.1/5.0?)

Jelly Bean is most likely to be Android 4.1, not 5.0.
The next iteration of the Android family is highly expected to be unveiled today. A few days ago, the above page appeared  while shoppers tried to purchase a Nexus using Google wallet.

So, the next iteration of Android, the Jelly Bean is touted to be 4.1 instead of a 5.0. But its still unclear whether the Jelly Bean is going to be a 4.1 or really, the next in line, i.e, being 5.0. But early leaks of Jelly Bean shows a new and a better UI and a revamped Google Play Store. I'm not sure that you can expect much from  Jelly Bean as its too early for Google to bring out an Android 5.0. So, its most likely to be a 4.1 as the leaked image shows which will bring with it a better performance. And its likely that Google will finally remove the 'beta' tag from Chrome tomorrow. So, we can also expect the final version of Google Chrome along with the Jelly Bean. At a glance, Jelly Bean is one among the most anticipated announcements that Google is likely gonna bring out.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet

There has been widespread rumours and speculations on a Nexus tablet from Google to be unveiled at the I/O. Its not fancy as Microsoft is already out in the tablet wars with its own Surface Tablets to compete with the iPad. Google can't be sitting mum for a long time. And Surface and iPad does make sense why Google's going to launch its own tablet at the I/O, today. Amidst the widespread rumours, its been near-confirmed that Google is going to bring out its own tablet tomorrow, Bloomberg reported. Its likely that you guys, reading the post, after hearing 'Nexus' must've thought its being made by Samsung but it isn't. The Taiwanese company, Asustek or widely known as ASUS is building the Nexus 7 but will be Google branded.

Nexus 7 may not be the strongest of all the tablets, neither an all-purpose one like the iPad or Surface. But from the form factors, its built to compete with the mid-range tablets, including the Kindle Fire. Under the hood, will be a 1.3GHz Tegra 3 processor from Nvidia enough to provide a smooth performance. The tablet is touted to have a front 1.2MP camera but lacks a rear camera. It'll also include a 1GB RAM and a graphic chip from Nvidia adding up the performance. Nexus 7 also supports WiFi and would be appearing as 8GB and 16GB models.

From the specs, its quite clear that the tablet is intended for the common guys, and for homes. Starting at $200 (from reports), it should make up to become the best tablet in the mid-range and from the specs, even better than the Kindle Fire. Such a tablet is affordable to all and the Nexus 7 can make up to be a better mid-range tablet.


Alas! Google may be finally unveiling its own medicine against Apple's Siri by bringing out for the first time, Android's Voice Assistant. Codenamed Majel, its Android's first ever Voice Assistant. Wallstreet Journal pointed out a few days ago that Majel was under development and it is expected that Majel will accompany Android Jelly Bean at Google I/O.

Google+, Google Cloud, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google TV and more!

A revamped and a new Google+ is expected to be announced today as its been a year since Google+ was unveiled. Moreover, Google Cloud and Google Drive are expected to come out with more features and storage options. Google Maps may be getting a major update at the Google I/O to taken on Apple's revamped Maps.

Google TV is still under observation. Google I/O maybe the last ever chance for Google to bring out improvements to Google TV and bring it back on the track. Its been rumoured that Google TV's going to get a major update and more and more apps are coming to the same.

So, that concludes this topic. Google I/O is expected to be one of this year's biggest events and its highly expected that Google will bring a lot of stuff out of the curtain today. Stay tuned with Sabernova to hear the latest and biggest news from Google I/O. I'm going to bring out as much as stuff I can from Google I/O. You can also check out CNET, Slashgear or some other websites to get a live coverage of Google I/O 2012.

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Its just hours for Google I/O to kick off! Yeah, I'm excited too...!! :D