A new, simple Microsoft Keyboard for my PC

The newest member of my hardware -- Microsoft Desktop 500.
I thought of writing this post at the time of the incident but then I guessed it was better when I had a replacement (a new one) to share in this post.

So, a few days ago, while I was enjoying the pleasures of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, suddenly, I noted something. The Up+Left Arrow combination was not working. Whenever I press both of them, the computer started giving out continuous beeps, the sort of ones you hear when you press a lot of keys at the same time. I thought the system had hung or stopped responding since I was running a lot of background apps while playing the game. So, I went out of the game, closed almost all the apps except ACR and went back.

Duh! Didn't do a trick! This time, I was frustrated. I quit the game and simply did a restart and also unplugged and re-plugged the keyboard in to the PS/2 port hoping that'd solve the problem. Duh again! Nothing whatsoever. The same problem continued in and out of the game. How could I do anything if I never got the key combinations working? It frustrated me so much. I downloaded a keyboard tester program and checked the keys. All the keys were perfect. Then I tried combinations. I found that the Up+Left didn't respond to a single time when I pressed them.
The old iOrbit Keyboard is still functioning and I kept it in the attic for some future use. Who knows?
So, I concluded they keys may be jammed. Infact, they must be interfering with the other keys on the keyboard causing the continuous beeps. A simple inside-out repair can solve the problem but I thought it was time I replaced the good old keyboard with a new one.

So, went out to the town, to my same old PC shop and bought a simple and elegant Microsoft Desktop 500 Keyboard. It worked fine on the PS/2 port of my PC and never showed any errors or glitches. A simple yet perfect keyboard with a miniature design. It was much smaller than the old one and had all the necessary keys. So, I ditched the old keyboard and plugged in the new one. But I never threw it away. Infact, who knows, it may come in handy sometimes but still, the PS/2 cable is a limit to its portability. Still, I kept it and thought of getting it repaired when I have some free time.

The new Microsoft Desktop 500 is superb. Simple and elegant, I only know of these two words to describe its beauty. It may not fit hardcore gamers, neither the office persons, but for home purposes and mediocre gaming, this one's handy. I loved its design, a miniature one but still having keys large enough to fit your figers for maintaining the same typing speed keeping its small design. It omitted the several unnecessary buttons in my old iOrbit keyboard (two windows keys, the several media buttons and other stuff) and the old one was a big chap. But this one, is small yet it has all the necessary keys with most media buttons almost fitting the size of your two hands making typing, gaming and all your works easier.
Desktop 500 is simple and elegant, a touch of beauty to your home PC. And it's got all the features that you want the most.
The only drawback I found was a PS/2 cable instead of a USB cable. Yeah, there are USB keyboards and even wireless keyboards. Still, this one has a PS/2 port. But gladly, it somehow saved me as my current PC's USB ports were already filled. A PS/2 port is not a good idea when buying a new keyboard for the latest PCs, I know. But for my current PC, a PS/2 keyboard is more than enough. And it's smooth too, without any bugs or glitches. And for Rs. 400*, its the cheapest and the best one I've seen at the place. I loved it and now, I'm back to gaming with yet another Microsoft touch! :-)

* Cost may vary across regions in India. However, in my opinion, if you are not in Kerala, you'll most likely find it to be cheaper. ;-)