The cheapest and the most powerful 7" tablet -- Google Nexus 7

Google's Jelly Bean flavoured Nexus 7. Looks sweet, ain't it? Credit:Engadget.
After all the rumours and speculations, Google finally unveiled the Nexus 7, Google's own tablet for the first ever time. And believe me, it's breathtakingly awesome. I couldn't stop drooling around on the fact that it was cheap, yet it was much more powerful than all the 7-inch android tablets. It was simply awesome, awesome and awesome. And the next amazing thing -- it took just a few months for Google to put together this amazing new tablet. Can you believe that?

Now, I'll come to the specs. Most specs match the rumoured ones.The hardcore tablet was made along with the Taiwanese legend, Asustek. Nexus 7 boasts a 7" HD display supporting a resolution of 1280x800 with IPS Backlit display and Corning Glass tech to protect it from scratches. Nexus 7 also has a front 1.2MP camera for video chats but lacks a rear-camera. It's thin and weighs just about 340g! Lesser than the iPad and Surface Tablets.

Felt fresh, simple and elegant for me with Jelly Bean inside it. Nexus 7 is so unique. Credit: Mashable.
Under the hood, is a Quad-Core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor clocked at 1.3GHz to provide rich gaming experience.Nexus 7 was made for games too. Nexus 7 has a 1GB RAM for fine performance. Nexus 7 comes in two variants - 8GB and 16GB and at the cheapest prices. The Nexus 7 also has support for WiFi and Bluetooth and includes NFC support too (Android Beam). The tablet's thin design also has volume controls and microUSB port for file transfers. It has a 4325mAh battery providing upto 8 hours of active use.
Reminds me of my Galaxy Tab, though it has a 10.1" screen. Nexus 7 comes cutely packed and with different colours too. Credit: Engadget.
Even with the lack of a camera or a much better battery or even an expansion slot, Nexus 7 is surely the king of 7" tablets. Faster, smoother and cheaper, no other tablets in the present can match it in any way, neither Kindle Fire, nor the Nook Tablet. It's a whole new tech from Google and it's surprisingly amazing. The Nexus 7, starting at $200 (about Rs. 12,000) is the cheapest and fastest tablet I've seen so far and it's a great move for Google to regain control over the tablet market. It may not match the iPad nor the upcoming Surface Tablets but considering a price tag of $200, it even beats tablets under $600 and below. Nexus 7 is expected to come out next month or so but so far, there has not been a clear release date except for the prices. You can pre-order Nexus 7 from Google Play Store.
You still got to wait longer to get your hands on one of these. And yeah, I'm also one among the party! Credit: Engadget.
Surely, it's the king of 7" tablets and who knows, what the next version of Nexus 7 would be -- maybe yet another iPad killer.

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  • P.S. New rumours have risen stating that Google is planning to build a 10" version of Nexus 7... Another iPad killer is on the build it seems. ;)