Smartphones by Numbers: Examining the Patterns

Smartphones. I don't think there's ever a person in the world who doesn't know about them. Sure, some guys may not know what's a 'Mac' or an 'Android' but its definite that almost everyone knows the powerful gadget that's called a 'smartphone'. Smartphone domination was, as I guess, swifter than the PC domination -- one of the earliest digital revolutions. The power of a PC in your hand -- is something that everyone would aspire to get. And yes, they became our essential companion.

We know very well about the way Smartphones connect our lives but it'd be better to take a look at the WOW facts. No, I'm not going to give you the raw data as that'd be boring. We're talking about infographics.

Sabernova partnered with Coupon Audit to give you a cool infographic on Smartphones after a brief survey conducted by Coupon Audit on the patterns that grew out of Smartphone adaption across the globe. You can take a look at it right below and gasp the remarkable facts.

Smartphones by numbers

This infographic was produced by Coupon Audit (provides Express promo codes) and Sabernova.

Cool, right? One of the jaw-dropping facts is that there are about 4 billion active smartphones in the world today. That's about half of the entire world population! Another interesting fact to crunch is that in U.S alone, most smartphone users fall in the age group of 25-34 and the its about 17% between 18-24 dudes. You can also note some of the known facts such as Android being the dominant OS till today. Its about 70% of the total Smartphone population that falls into Android family and Apple takes the runner-up with a mere 17% share.

Windows Phones are not very much common in the infographic but we can surely hope to see them rising in the coming years. Again, surveys are not always constant.

Finally, I take this moment to thank Earl Ray and Coupon Audit who contacted me with the idea of publishing this infographic. To be frank, I'm crazy when it comes to these and I constantly explore the web to find similar infographics that are catchy. I was pretty much glad when he told me he wanted to publish one on my blog. I don't know why he chose my blog to be in his list but I'm glad the infographic Coupon Audit produced was above my expectations. The Kudos for the production goes to just them -- I am just merely sharing it to my circles. Truly, it was a beautiful infographic and I'm sure the readers will be pleased.

I hope Sabernova will again be able to publish such wonderful infographics in the future with the support of Earl Ray and Coupon Audit.

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