Cracked Adobe Acrobat XI will revert User Permissions (on Temp)

One of the biggest mysteries that kept me going round and round was the unusual reverting back of permissions of the temp folder in Windows 8. I'm glad to announce that I have finally found the root cause of the problem but it won't please the crowd who shares the same problem.

So, who's the culprit? Your cracked Adobe Acrobat XI! Yup, that's right. Although I wasn't the first one to discover the cause (sadly), its highly unlikely that most users know about the cause of the problem and that's why they kept with practice of adding permissions again and again onto the temp folder without trying to know the cause. That's why I am writing this post, just to redirect people from the solutions to the problem that's already present in my blog and that's also highly popular in the web. Since it received a lot of good feedbacks, I assume there are large number of users who are using Acrobat XI which is, specifically, a cracked one.

It was a long research as I dismissed the chance of the OS having a glitch as the same problem appeared across a Windows 7 system owned by my friend. He too followed my article and got the problem solved temporarily. However, it was a total annoyance and you'd have to go through all that just to install or run an application. I first compared the similarities in his and my systems and hence checked with some common applications.

Finally, when I ran over to Acrobat XI, I found out that whenever you open Acrobat XI, the name of the active account gets removed from the permissions list of the temp folder. To confirm, I closed Acrobat XI and re-added the parameters and again opened Acrobat and once again, the permissions were gone. Just like that.

When I surfed the web for related problems, I found out that the problem was already mentioned across other forums and as I guessed, it pointed to just the cracked version, not the original one. And yes, genuine users were not troubled with such problems and it was just the cracked users experiencing such pains in their asses. So, the cracked .dll file was the root cause of the problem.
Once you execute Acrobat, the permissions of your account is cleared from temp's properties. Fascinating, eh?
Its strange that the same type of .dll cracks that are available for other Adobe products didn't show such kind of side effects. I tried Photoshop CC as well as CS6 and there were no such problems during their use. Apparently, the problem is present with just the .dll crack of Adobe Acrobat XI.

So, there you have it. Unfortunately, I won't give you any additional details on the fix to your pirated Acrobat XI as its strictly illegal considering the content of my blog. Either you can go and surf the web to find an updated crack or just simply buy it. Also, you can uninstall Acrobat XI and use an alternative or an older version.
So you must've already figured out that I too did run pirated software (for a while). But as I mentioned, I can't give any links that'd make me a victim of piracy, unfortunately. But for those who're thinking of a permanent solution, it exists. More recently, newer cracks and patches were released over file sharing sites as well as torrent sites that's easier to use and doesn't cause the same problem. Just search for the new ones and use it to run Acrobat super smoothly without having to worry again.
Comment your opinions below. Was this the solution for your problems? Does the problem still exist for you? I am eager to hear your words.

All this remind me of an old lesson -- you can't get everything and anything for pirated. You may have to sacrifice some things to get things done. ;)