Gear Up for EOS on July 11th

Nokia has finally started to send invites for a special event that'd be taking place at New York city on July 11th -- where we await the arrival of the mighty Nokia EOS. Obviously, I didn't get any invite (duh!) and I got to know this from WPCentral as they got an invite for the event. The invite brochure is titled 'Zoom Reinvented'. Are you thinking what I am thinking?

It could possibly be the ability of the Pureview sensor to crop a portion of megapixels from the original image rather than doing a physical zoom. This results in a clearer image and reduces the blurs and the clutter from the picture.

Nokia EOS, the 41MP Pureview flagship from the Finnish giant got leaked a few days ago by Vizileaks and much of the phone's appearance is clearly in the light. Expect more teasers and official announcements in the coming days. Watch ahead!

P.S. I noticed a comment from a kind of 'clever' girl who over-thought the invite details. She did a sum up of the event day numbers and today's date. i.e, 11th + 7 (July) + 11 AM + 13(Today) = 42. Its one number less from the original. Did Nokia purportedly did that or is it just a mere coincidence?

Source: WPCentral