Sony Teases PS4 -- Sort of

Well, that was quick. As you all may have noticed, the Playstation YouTube channel has released a teaser on YouTube which is highly rumoured to be the teaser to the much anticipated Playstation 4. If you haven't noticed it yet, take a look below.

The teaser points to an anonymous date -- 20th February 2013 where Sony is prepping up a big event for something. It doesn't give any clue on Playstation 4 and that's probably what the teaser does -- teases you the most of future stuff that may end in unpredictable results that you never expected to happen. Sounds awkward. But here's the deal -- it should be the Playstation 4 or nothing. What other big thing can they hint at right now?

As of now, we are expecting the arrival of two big consoles this year -- the Sony Playstation 4 (codenamed Orbis) and the next Xbox which could probably be called the Xbox 720 (codenamed Durango), both of which are near sure to be launched this year itself. Previously, Sony hinted that Playstation 4 would be launched after the next Xbox appears but right now, it looks like they are tired of waiting. Playstation 4 is highly rumoured to include a new controller ditching the DualShock and sophisticated hardware pieces that would make up mind-blowing visuals. These include 8 gigabits of RAM and an octa-core CPU powered by AMD clocked at around 1.6GHz for which feasibly outperforms the alleged specs of the Xbox 720. It is also rumoured that Sony is going to release new titles for its brand new console which could possibly be Uncharted 4 and a new Killzone.

I'm sure a lot of PS fans are waiting anxiously for the arrival of the next-gen Playstation. Sony would most probably launch more hints at the upcoming event in the coming days. Will try to bring more updates to the anticipating fans in the coming days before the event.