About integration of Adf.ly

Hi folks!

I'm writing this post just to tell you guys that I integrated my website with Adf.ly, a popular URL shortener and an advertising firm. Now, I just want to be clear about this for all the folks who are not unaware what this does to the blog.

Basically speaking, there is nothing to worry about. Its not a crappy Ad agency that fills the site with overhyped ads and colourful stuff here and there. Adf.ly is an ad network that works by shortening the URLs of the URLs you've put up on your site. So, in simple words -- it doesn't ruin your time on my blog or while surfing it and no unwanted or offending or disturbing Ads will pop-up -- I guarantee. It basically works with the links that you are going to click while checking out my blog except the URLs containing the domain name of my blog. So, when you click on an external link, it would take you to a page with a bar on top and displaying a webpage below it which would the advertisement. Wait till 5 seconds until you see the SKIP AD option appear over the bar when the countdown finishes and click on this to advance to the target URL you clicked. That's all, just 5 seconds of your time.

Adf.ly homepage

I chose Adf.ly since it is one of the leading Advertising networks and frankly speaking -- I'm not intending to make a money out of this as this is just my past time. However, its pretty difficult to renew the domain every year and move forward with the reserved space in the cyber world. Hence, I aimed to make a few chunks out of my blog with Adsense and as of now, Adf.ly to help me earn a few while not destroying the beauty of my blog. If my sole intention were to make money, I would have gone the meanest paths to make it but here, I'm not.

I'm a pure blogger and I enjoy myself scribbling these articles and trying to help the needy people of the web spreading useful ideas and sharing my experiences. I hope I made it clear to all my lovely and kind readers. I hope this wont be a disturbance to you all and I hope this wouldn't make you stop visiting my blog. My intentions are very clear and I promise you that I'm not cheating you guys at all.

So, if you feel this makes it uncomfortable for you or you have any other suggestions, do kindly comment here or email me at sangeeth@sabernova.com