Life with the Galaxy Tab

Meet my Tab!
I don't know the words with which I should be starting this post. I can't even think of what and all I should include in this post. Because when I'm beginning to talk about my pretty Galaxy Tab 10.1, I would wish to talk non-stop about how much it influenced my geeky life.

Not because I admire Android and it's features, but since it's my first ever tablet, I love it more than any gadget I've ever received. Even at the times my buggy old HTC Wildfire failed me, my Tab was always there to support me. And I can't even imagine how much it became useful not only as an entertainer, but my life's work partner.

In the beginning, I'm not having a laptop in order to support me during travels. The laggy and buggy Wildfire is not even the closest good option to accompany me in such cases. And I've never even thought of buying a laptop. Even though I'm using my sizie's Lap, I still dislike the idea of having my own Laptop. And during one such time, my Dad gifted me this pretty good tab.

I don't want to extend this but while remembering the moment I got the Tab, there was an incident which was the reason for me to acquire a new tech partner. Two days before I was set to go for a school tour with my friends all the way to Hyderabad, I fell from the school stairs and got a small swollen left wrist. Well, that wasn't that painful compared with a treacherous fall the previous year which left me with a broken right arm and which put me in bed for 4 months and delayed my final exams. Well, this one wasn't that serious. But you know what's with parents, right? They always simply worry about such silly things. And, that ended my final year tour dreams. But they knew I'd fight back. So, Dad bought me this to compensate with the tour. Well, what choice could I've made when he actually bought me a Rs. 24K Tab the day before tour? -- You tell me.

And so, my life got a new partner -- the Tab. I always preferred it over the worthless Wildfire as it could carry out each and every single one of my tasks -- from writing projects to hardcore gaming. And it was the perfect handheld companion I've ever had. It maybe quite big, well that's what's with 10" Tabs. But still, it was very feeble compared with Laps.

A product of sheer beauty -- this one's my favourite Sammy gizmo!
When it comes to my work -- I mean studies, the Tab rules. It can carry all my textbooks in its mega 16GB memory, compensating the weight of about 4 encyclopedias. This one was the most useful feature I've seen in the Tab. But that doesn't sum up anything at this point. Many apps I fetched from the Play Store was of real help to me -- helped me in writing my assignments, piling up my daily tasks and to connecting with my mates. It became so simply with the Tab. And I must mention these killer apps which helped me a lot through my studies -- Springpad, Evernote, SmartTools, Google Drive, Kindle and some bunch of Samsung Apps.

Besides work, the Tab rules out in the Entertainment category. Games, Music, Movies and whatever your taste maybe, the Tab has everything you need. Amidst the wide range of Samsung Apps, a lot more entertainment hypes are also available via the Play Store. It's really fun playing with the Tab. My main preference is for gaming. And for that reason, I loaded up my Tab with a lot of games including Angry Birds Series, Where's my Water, Temple Run, Asphalt 5 and a lot more. Besides gaming, my next taste is with music. Even after I loaded my Tab with about 200 songs and 50 games, a lot of space was still free inside the Tab. Seeing that, I felt sorry for cursing it weeks back for not having an expansion slot. ;)

Besides it's greatness, there are a few drawbacks too. First thing's first as it is of course, the TouchWiz UI. I hate it as I hear it. It's one of the ugliest interfaces I've ever seen in my entire life. Although I love the bunch of Samsung Apps, the TouchWiz UI is not my type. It's buggy most times and slows down my Tab a lot. For this reason, I switched to Go Launcher after a couple of weeks of experimenting with it. The next thing -- No ICS so far. I've been waiting for months to get the official ICS update but sadly, it hasn't arrived for my Tab in India, yet. The same was the case with the SII but that's another story.

Even with a few minor drawbacks, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been the perfect gadget companion I've ever got. It comes handy in almost all of the situations -- from studying to self-entertainment. The memories of this funky gizmo remains persistent in my memory and it will continue to be till the end.

Love you, Tab. :)