Dad's new Pebble Blue Galaxy S III

Meet the S III, a worthy successor of the S series and the newest member of our tech family.
 Well, after some long time of simply talking about it, Dad just bought a Samsung Galaxy S III right off the shelves in it's Pebble Blue version. Well, I never suggested one as the HTC One X+ seemed a better one in the market for me but anyways, that was unavailable at the local stores here.

Surprisingly, the plastic doll I've always called about did surprise me in a few factors. It's a very sleek phone, thin and has light-weight compared with the other phones. I was very impressed by the processor, the Exynos which I always thought would be a downer compared with the Tegra or the Snapdragon. But still, the graphics support is still lacked a lot for most apps but on the bright side, there are many exclusives available for the S3 from the Play Store and Samsung Apps. But the processor did gain my attention among the Androids. The other interesting feature I noted was the Camera which seemed quite better than the that of S2's but I didn't note much of a change when shot in low-lights. The larger display too amazed me as I quite loved it and there are a few more stuff I should mention about the flagship phone.

A better camera, a larger and more intensive display and the powerful quad core Exynos makes the S III a worthy competitor.

And when I come to the thumbs down area, build quality gains a big thumbs down! It's the worst design I've ever seen as it's just plastic with a big and fragile screen. I suggested a protection cover before he takes it out for his everyday use as even a small drop could break the whole screen. Of course, the shopkeeper suggested the same. Camera is good but not innovative and not a great improvement over the predecessor's. And it just supports the micro SIM as this disappointed me big time. My friends (Sammy fans) previously told me it supported the standard 2FF type and believing in them, I too pictured the same image in my mind. However, after finding it doesn't, I'm extremely disappointed. However, it is easy to transform your 2FF sim to a micro SIM and you can do it yourself too just like I did for my Dad's. We traded for the 16GB model and it was priced at about Rs. 35,000 here, in Kerala. The higher versions costed above 40k just like the iPhone 5 which started at about 50k or more here. So, one could afford easily just for the standard 16GB version and they could have lowered the prices a bit more. Thus, comparatively  the 32GB version of Lumia 920, the upcoming Windows Phone from Nokia will also cost about the same and the difference is negligible.

The phone has an average build quality and the camera is never near innovative and it seems overpriced for a 16GB model. Moreover, you need to trim your standard SIM to fit it inside it's sleek body.

The sleek body is capable of holding micro SIMs only and has an average build quality.

This is not a complete review as I still need a lot of time rooting, tweaking and exploring the inner sides of the phone. However, I have a better first impression than what I expected and it is surely a better one than the S2. It's a great phone from first looks and you should upgrade the S2 if you are already having one to this much better Samsung phone and it is really worth it.