Unlock SIM on Galaxy Note and Galaxy devices

Good day to all once again. This time, I'm typing this post on unlocking the SIM of Galaxy Note and other Galaxy Devices including the Galaxy S, SII, Tab and more. But I'm pretty sure this stuff works for Galaxy Note running KJ4 version. Before entering, I must say that if this doesn't work for you, then please don't blame me. Unlocking a phone really costs as you are moving from a particular region to another and the original procedure is to go buy an unlock code and use it on your phone. So, if you are ready to do this, then please go to CellUnlocker which is a very good site where you can obtain unlock codes with the cheapest prices.

Now, you can skip to the bottom of this post to know how to unlock your phone's SIM. This post was actually made for my friend's friend who got a Galaxy Note and who said it showed a 'SIM Card not Registered' Error. Well, after going through a variety of results, here's what I concluded:
  • Because your SIM cards have not been registered with the new phones. So, make sure that you did that. If you are unaware of the procedure, better contact the SIM provider or a local mobile shop near you.
  • Because the SIMs are faulty but this may not be your case. But if the SIMs work on another phone, then SIMs are okay.
  • If the IMEI number of the phone has been blocked by the real owner (If the phone was lost/stolen), then this can occur.
  • Else, if you have a device from abroad, then the firmware should be that of the particular country's or territory's and you may not be able to use it on any other countries with that country's SIM without unlocking the phone. Well, if the device is unlocked, then it is possible to use it anywhere. It occurred to me days before when I installed a custom ROM of some other region's and I couldn't use the SIM properly and couldn't even use it until I installed a ROM from India. Or, a software update may fix this issue. If you have the Galaxy Note without ICS aka 4.0 version, then try updating the phone first via WiFi and then try inserting the SIM. (You can check your version by going to Settings>About Phone>Android Version.
  • Sometimes, if the phone was bought from a carrier, like AT&T or Vodafone, then that can block other SIMs from being used in that device. You can contact the carrier to solve the issue. Well, you can try entering *#7465625# to your dialer and making a call which will return you with a message. If it says Network Lock - On/Off. If it is On, then your SIM must be locked. To do that, go below the post. (That code may not work sometimes. If it doesn't, try removing the SIM or inserting a SIM and check).
One last thing to the never-before-met friend, if you are willing to try the below method, then you are always welcome to try. It won't do any harm to the phone, I'm sure. But it requires your Galaxy Note to be rooted in order to do this stuff. Rooting means to unlock your phone and allow you access to each and every part of your phone. Again, it won't do harm to your phone and you can always unroot it if you want. Since I'm not having much time, your Galaxy Note can be rooted by following the steps given here. After that, follow the below steps and after it has been completed, your SIM is unlocked.


1. Rooted Android phone.
2. Better to do this stuff without SIM card.

Steps [After Root]

Note: Step 1 and 2 are optional. Try the Steps without it first.
  1. Download BusyBox and copy it over to your phone and install it. [Link]
  2. Open BusyBox. Allow Root Permissions. Select install. After that, you can close it.
  3. Install Galaxy S_Unlock from Play Store. [Link]
  4. Open Galaxy S_Unlock and select Unlock.
  5. Tap on Step 1.
  6. Tap on Step 2 and wait till your phone restarts.
  7. Turn it off again, insert SIM and turn on your phone. If you have a PIN, enter it and voila! Your SIM is now unlocked. Test it by opening your dialer and entering *#7465625# and dial. It'll show Network Lock - OFF.
Once again, to the unknown friend, I've tried my best in gathering this up for you without actually seeing the device for myself. I'm not sure it may work for you but I hope it does. If it doesn't work, it's best to check out at a local mobile store or your carrier's place. Since both SIMs are not working, it should be the device causing the trouble. I best concluded that it could be a SIM lock but I'm not cent percent sure. Anyways, if you have any trouble, I'm always here. Feel free to connect with me by commenting below or via my Facebook.

For others, I hope this worked for you all. If you have any troubles, make sure to comment below and ask any queries you have related to this. More coming soon! Till then, Adios again! :)

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