Windows 8 leaked -- That was pretty quick

A leaked image of Windows 8 Enterprise. Credit:
The software giant happily announced the completion of the development of Microsoft's next OS in the Windows family, the Windows 8 a few days ago. But the biggest and happiest news of the day upsetted the software giant big time -- their most secret, precious and game-changing Windows 8 has already been leaked the same day Microsoft announced the finalization of Windows 8.

I couldn't believe my eyes on what I was reading. It was flashing through out the Google News -- Windows 8 leaked, leaked, leaked! It's still two months to go for the official reveal of Windows 8 family but, fortunately for us, we don't have to wait any longer. Windows 8, the most rebuilt version of Windows since Windows 95 is already out for download via torrents in its ground state.

The Russian leaker, WZOR, is apparently the source of the leaked final builds of Windows 8. Well, I'm most grateful to him for that as I am one of the biggest fans with extreme curiosity to see Windows 8 in all its glory. The first Windows 8 version to pop out of the box was the Windows 8 Enterprise N RTM edition. The N edition is different from the original Enterprise edition since it does not include the Windows Media Player. Since the torrent's appearance on the web, the news spread like virus across the whole internet and within an hour, it crossed thousands of downloads.
A leaked image of Windows 8 Enterprise N. Credit:
But that wasn't all. When everyone thought the Enterprise N was the only leaked Windows 8 version, WZOR later added the Windows 8 Enterprise edition, which includes the Windows Media Player very quickly and it was almost confirmed that all the Windows 8 versions are leaked and to be leaked. If you are unaware, the Enterprise Edition is the high-end Windows 8 version from Microsoft which resembles the Windows 7 Ultimate and Professional which was the two super-packed editions for Windows 7. Thus, Windows 8 Enterprise is the super-packed version of Windows 8 consisting of all the features for business and IT entrepreneur. Don't get confused that Windows 8 Pro is the ultimate version as it is just one step behind the Enterprise edition (I too got confused before). I guess it is the ultimate version of Windows 8 for tablets (there hasn't been a Windows 8 Enterprise Tablet till now).

And among that, it is also interesting to note that Windows Server 2012, scheduled to be released by August is also one among the targets to be leaked. What first started with Windows 8 is now spreading to all the future Windows family releases.

Windows 8 Pro hasn't been leaked yet but WZOR recently said he will bring out Windows 8 Pro very soon and claimed he already has it with him.
A leaked image of Windows 8 Professional. Credit:
It's quite a joyous time out here, in the internet as millions of users have begun to download the leaked Windows 8 editions, I too being one among them. It's legit, of course as it is simply the trial editions of Windows 8 versions and not a single one is activated or a genuine copy but it's confirmed that the leaked versions are the genuine final versions of Windows 8 and are not simply fakes. Microsoft hasn't uttered a word on the leaks but who knows what the software giant has in it's mind.

Anyways, Windows 8 is leaked and that's the biggest news I had since two months. I'm already set to get it and test it. It's quite illegal to share torrent links here but I'm sure any nobody can simply search and find it in the internet as long as there is Google and also via Torrentz. You can try it too as it is just about 3GB for the 64-bit version and 2GB for the 32-bit version. I wont break my promise but I wont give you direct links to download the file but click these links for appropriate Google searches which will direct you to the Windows 8 download locations (includes both x86 and x64, you can choose which one you want):
There hasn't been a crack to activate Windows 8 yet and crackers are still trying to unlock the shackles of Windows 8's protection. I've also heard of other 'temporary' tricks to enlarge the trial period once it gets expired through simple cmd commands for rearms. You can search for that in Google.

I'll test it ASAP and I will surely post a brief review within a couple of days. In the meantime, you guys can get it too and if you have already tested it, don't forget to comment and tell me your experiences and view on Windows 8 -- cool or not so cool. I await your lovely feedbacks! :)

Update:- Windows 8 Pro is now leaked on the internet and is available for download on the popular file sharing websites. This is quicker than I've ever imagined!