Windows 8 to debut in October

It's official! Microsoft announced the next version in the Windows family, the Windows 8 would launch sometime in late October. While the release date may not be more precise, the announcement surely gave relief to all those Windows fanboys waiting desperately for the final product. That includes me.

The other news is that, Microsoft is finally going to ditch the Windows Retail Version. Yup. That means no Windows 8 Retail -- just the Windows 8 Upgrade DVD and the Windows 8 System Builder Kit for OEMs.

According to Communications manager Brandon LeBlanc, Windows 8 would be out sometime by October, most probably late October. Windows 8 would be RTM by the first week of August. Windows 8 will be available in 109 languages across 231 markets worldwide.

Windows 8, on my view, is the most biggest thing Microsoft would have done in the past two decades. The last biggest thing for Microsoft was perhaps, Windows 95, the game-changing OS at that time. Now, the stage is set for Windows 8, Microsoft's most ambitious project, yet with a full makeover.

The Metro UI is the soul of the OS. The new UI, according to Microsoft, is simply a whole new level for Operating Systems. Aimed especially at the touch-screen devices, the Metro UI may be the most interactive touch UI ever designed. It allows you to bring all the necessary items to your Desktop while eliminating the unwanted stuff and thus, makes it easier to surf your PC. Metro UI, is truly, the game-changing feature in Windows 8 and I've experienced it from the Windows 8 Release Preview on my PC. It's just so simple that you will never get tired of using your PC. If you had used a Windows Phone, you know what I'm saying.

The old Aero UI is being dropped in Windows 8 and thus, Windows 8 users may feel a little uncomfortable using the new Metro UI. But once you get used to it, you will love it and you would never want to have Aero back. In case you really want the Aero back to your Windows 8, there are, of course, several ways to do it. So, don't feel bad about that.

So, that's it from Windows 8. We can expect more and more Windows 8 devices to be announced in the coming few days. In the meantime, I'll be prepping a short review on Windows 8 Release Preview so that you guys can understand more about the OS and the pros and cons of the same and at the end, you can finally get to know whether you really want to switch to Windows 8 or hold up with Windows 7. Stay tuned.