A 1000 thanks to all my readers!

Hola Amigos!

SabernovaIt has been a great journey so far, shifting from social networks to just a blogger. And I'm really grateful to all those -- my friends, family, and all my lovely readers who've supported, shared, and liked my blog and posts all the time. A 1000 thanks to all those wonderful people out there!

That's right. It has been just two weeks if I recall correctly, since I started the whole new Sabernova, my personal blog to the cyber world. And I believe it was pretty quick for the blog to hit a 1000, just within 2 weeks! I don't know if anyone reading this post is a regular reader or a subscriber to my blog. When I first started the idea of getting a place up in the web, I dreamed of building a large community, and building a large help center and an educational portal for all the users online. With that idea, I bought Sabernova on 1st January 2011 if I recall that too correctly.
Besides this, I dreamed of getting a lot of money through the advertising streams and other ways, mainly Adsense. Adsense was one my favourites and I dreamed big from it. But each time, those dreams shattered, without any reasons and I couldn't get Adsense to work in my site at least for a single time even after creating more than 100 posts or creating a rich site or even appealing hundreds of times. That was back in the old Sabernova, which I always saw as a website built on blogger. When I finally realized it was not easy at all, to make money so easily, I quit the ideas of Sabernova especially due to the overburden of my studies. And gradually, my fellow authors retreated too. But the domain was still there.

When I completed Xth, one day, I thought of Sabernova. And from where, I don't know, the idea of creating my own blog came to me. That was the time I got fed up with the too much shiny stuff on the Social Networks and almost thought to quit them. Suddenly, blogging seemed perfect to me. The most robust way of sharing my ideas, views and the events of my life, just like a diary. I wasted no single time, went to blogger and created a fresh new blog with a few articles in the beginning. I thought of selling the domain at first and buying a new domain but no other name could fit the place where 'Sabernova' once stood. So, I re-routed the domain to this new blog and thus, Sabernova got a second life with fresh looks.

Many of my friends asked my from my where I got this silly/cool name. Well, when I first tried to register, I tried to register the site in various name but sadly, those were all taken. The idea of 'Terranova' struck me first but the domain was already taken. 'Terranova' meant 'a new found land'. So, I redesigned the name with the word Saber, meaning knowledge. And this, 'Sabernova' meaning -- 'The Land of Knowledge' was born. So, that's the brief history of my blog, Sabernova. As I said, I don't know if there's any readers out here but since I understood the hardwork to make money, I don't care at all about the hits, money or anything (Though I still try to get Adsense). I just see this as a means of spreading my ideas and my life as a diary and if you're interested, you're most welcome to check it out. It is my diary of the web and it will always remain like that forever. I love it and I'll type every pinch of my life to it for it to be remembered till judgement day.

So, once again, thanks to all the folks who've supported me this far. I love all you guys and I hope you'll keep up the support and help me cross the riddles and help me along my goals. If you really love my articles, please try to share them and do like them and give feedbacks on my blog. Thanks again and have a great week ahead!


- Sangeeth Sudheer